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    800 USD

    The (mythical) puported superiority of "customs" is old as this forum and its predecessors. As are crap customs, which you allude to. See also: the hype knife of the moment merry go round.
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    800 USD

    Mid-weight, excellent distal taper, thin behind the edge, great steel = Yoshikane SKD or Gengetsu SS. And you'll have c. $500 left to blow on blackjack and h**kers.
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    Tell me about Yoshikane knives

    Calling all older Yoshikane
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    Tell me about Yoshikane knives

    All of this
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    Toyama 240mm gyuto bought from JNS is not straight

    Wabi sabi bro! (old school is still cool)
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    Name that one most underrated knife

    Before the hype train there was Yoshikane.
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    WTB Calling all older Yoshikane

    There were Zensho in SKD and SLD clad stainless too. I have the 240 Zensho SKD migaki. The endgame of gyutos for me, think I bought it in 2011. I also had a Tamomoku in V2 for a time. Shouldn't have let that go really.
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    shoddy workmanship on western handles

    Some western handles have not suffered from a drop in quality F&F at all. Take TF - they've always been ****.
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    Edge Retention- best carbon makers

    Aogami hype-r sounds like the mystery steel that Kato uses. Apparently the edge retention of this steel increases tenfold if kanji that looks like it has done by a five year old is chiselled onto the cladding.
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    Where to get Yoshikane cutlery ?

    This guy gets it.
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    Where to get Yoshikane cutlery ?

    Bernal Cutlery have a good selection. The more interesting Yoshis are scarce now. The SKD hammered is still a great knife, and has been pretty much since the beginning of these forums.
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    Why shigefusa or Kato?

    I also agree.
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    Why shigefusa or Kato?

    Not really. Craftsmanship is first class. Performance is unremarkable when compared to other blades. Hype train is more crowded than ever. QED.