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    Covid: the shape of things to come

    i posted on this thread asking about Omnicron earlier. I’ve been vaccinated and had a booster early last month. I wear a properly fitted cloth mask out, not a N95 when I go out. I thought about 7 days ago I had a severe cold and went to the clinic because I couldn’t sleep at night. I was...
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    Covid: the shape of things to come

    Anyone here from S Africa? I did a search and they are reporting to have peaked with the Omnicron variant. Highly transmissible but less severe than the Delta variant is what they reported. I believe their country was less than 40 percent vaccinated. In the 60+ age category they were over...
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    Bourbon barrel salmon planks now available (limited supply)

    These look interesting and thick enough to get several uses out of. Just ordered a few.
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    Massdrop III: Kamon

    Lesson learned here, monitor the thread daily if you can. Congrats to whoever got my slot, you’ll love it I am sure. I sincerely appreciate those who go through the effort to make this possible. Can I make a suggestion for future massdrop offerings? Can we have a pay it now option when...
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    Massdrop III: Kamon

    I must of missed a message about payment and shipping address. I have responded.
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    Knife findings

    They are sold now
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    WTS Nguyen Chef Knife

    I got asked the measurements. I would say the blade is a tad bit shy of 10”. Attached photos. Measurements are approx. PM if you need anything else. Thanks!
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    WTS Nguyen Chef Knife

    This was actually my first custom chef knife. I bought it used from the original owner and have only ever needed to strop it a couple of times. I was told it was 52100 and have no reason to doubt it. I removed the patina so you could see any scratches or imperfections on the blade. If you...
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    WTB Catcheside butcher/breaking knife.

    Thanks for the info. Sounds like my chances are slim!
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    WTB Catcheside butcher/breaking knife.

    I’ve seen one go on here before so I know they exist, well at least one. Thanks Todd
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    TF Wa Handle with Finger Notch

    I’ve seen a few people modify the notch here. If you are going to keep it then I say modify it. Honestly his western handles are terrible in fit and finish and my only complaint in my limited experience of 1. The Wa handle would solve this. If you enlarged the notch to your comfort level...
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    WTS Jiro 165 Western Handle Santoku

    I purchased this on the forum and haven’t used it. The condition is unused /Un-sharpened as I received it. I protected the hand signed note and stored it outside the box because the brass pins were a little “proud” when I received it. I applied pure tsubuki oil on the wood which helped...