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    What are we watching lately?

    Been watching Foundation, Invasion, and the third season of Hanna. Hanna is pretty good but a little predictable so far.
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    Made-In Cookware Sale

    I have a Made-In carbon steel wok and it's been great. A little on the heavy side but it does heat distribution very well. It's the only carbon steel plan I own these days and gets used for all kinds of cooking other than just stir-fry which, btw, it does see a lot of use in that area.
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    Carbon Steel Pans...My Exploration Is Over

    One carbon steel pan that I'm using like crazy is my Made-in wok. For some reason it continues to remain very non stick. It may have to do with the fact that since it is a wok I pre-heat to a very high temp for stir frying which may be the best way for a carbon steel pan. Well, at least this...
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    SOLD AG Klint S Grind Gyuto

    DM Sent :)
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    Knife findings

    Just missed the Fredrik's offerings :( The good news is it made me pull the trigger on another Yoshi SKD :)
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    Knife findings

    I'm also checking daily for the next MC releases. Since they sell out so fast it's a bit tricky :)
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    Massdrop III: Kamon

    Great thread!!! I may need to chat about a custom Kamon.
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    The 'Best' Gyuto Edge Length—225mm of course!

    I have a Fukushima-san 180mm gyuto that I tend to use more like a large paring knife for doing things like trimming cauliflower. Other than that I move to a 240mm. I may have to try a 225 in the future as my 210s don't see much use.
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    The Honesuki

    That's crazy! How is the taste?
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    Any F1 fans here?

    Oh and I love Seb's radio comment about touching Lewis' wing LOL
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    Any F1 fans here?

    Great weekend of racing! It's going to come down to the wire between Max and Lewis. With only rounds 20-22 it's going to be an amazing season ending and I'm happy not to see Lewis simply dominate. This is why I record every FP, Quali, and race on my DVR :)
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    The Wife's Knife...

    My wife mainly uses a Miyabi 4000FC 210 Gyuto. It's also one of my sharpening projects so it serves double duty :)
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    SOLD HSC3 stainless clad gyuto

    HSC arrived and is perfect!!!
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    What do you have on your wrist?

    I have my typical Tudors but I recently picked up a Seiko SRPE53 that quickly went on a blue Nato strap. Paid $174 for it which means my Tudor Black Bay 41 is going to be sold simply because this watch does everything the Tudor does for way less $$.
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    New knife day

    I did take my DaoVua to my 800g splash-n-go and it was very easy to sharpen. As everyone has mentioned it does not hold an edge for too long but the overall thinness of the grind means it seems to still be cutting well even if it is not crazy sharp. Still a great project to help me improve on...