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    Quick question - best progression to Rika "kasumi"

    TBH, the 1k cuts too slow to be great at sharpening or flattening but it is my fav for setting up kasumi finishes. JNS website hides descriptions under comments now but it says the 800 is "Special made JNS 800 synthetic stone, Extra large and extra soft 1k stone. It is softer then our JNS 1000...
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    Quick question - best progression to Rika "kasumi"

    JNS 1000 should be perfect for this. It cuts slow but leaves a super consistent kasumi finish and rarely leaves stray scratches like a KDS 800-1k. It's also fairly hard so it makes it easier to tell if the bevels are flat and even.
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    Glueing together a broken synthetic stone.

    Don't glue the joint, it'll be like a toxic line running through the middle that you'd have to dig out. I'd say wrap some string around the sides to tighten up the crack and stabilize the stone, then seal the stone. Dig thought the sharpening section, there are posts about this type of repair...
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    One and done travel stone for the holidays

    DMT duosharp coarse/extra coarse + a SG 1k-3k should do the trick for any stainless knives. Less than 1 inch tall combined and you'll be able to keep your stone flat too. Atoma cuts faster but the DMT style diamond plates are better for SS knives IMO.
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    KKF Fantasy Football League?

    10 days to the trade deadline. Anyone in the market for a QB? Rodgers or Watson available for a solid RB2 or WR2. Let's make some deals!
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    Upvote for nakayama stones. Picked up a suita and its finer and faster than any of my ohira suita's and has great feedback. Recently picked up a small kiita koppa to make some fingerstones and I wish I had a full sized kiita but that's $$$$$ so holding off on that purchase for now.
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    Stone req for thinning?

    Check out JKI's youtube videos on thinning. $150 goes a long way with low grit stones. I don't like flattening soft, low grit stones so I usually stick with Shapton glass 500 unless I'm really trying to change geometry but have thought about getting a SP 320 in the past. Even if you buy both...
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    General use spice/rub

    Not a rub but my quick breakfast hero. Trader Joe's Everything but the Bagel
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    Unpopular opinions

    With a bit of tweaking, you could use it like this!
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    Any Experience With Sakai Takayuki Kasumitogi Knives

    +workhorse grind and it would be perfect
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    Honing / Sharpening on ceramic wheel and ceramic honing blade

    Globals have a reputation for being a pain in the butt to sharpen on stones anyway so maybe the roller gizmo is the way to go if you're not interested in learning how to use a whetstone. Ceramic honing rods can be effective for touchups if you use them right. Just take it easy with the pressure...
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    Kasumi vs Hongasumi

    It's just a marketing term used by companies to differentiate knives that get more finishing work. Masamoto is probably the best known and they put the hongasumi tag on knives they hand finish. It's way easier to put a "fake" kasumi finish on a knife by sandblasting or hitting the bevel with a...
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    Any Experience With Sakai Takayuki Kasumitogi Knives

    +1 to @Nemo's comment. I picked up a SB petty to play around with during lockdown and although I am having fun learning new cutting techniques, uses are pretty limited and I've got a long way to go before I would consider using a SB for even moderate volume of veggie prep. The flat mukimono...
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    Yanagi sharpening questions

    Grinding out those low spots on the hira/flats is easiest to do with sand paper. A lot of work upfront but it's a onetime thing and once you've ground it flat, it should stay that way. Skip the 6k and buy a rika! Add a kitayama if you want to finish at a higher grit. Both are very reasonably priced.
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    Poll: Are high end knives = high end cookware?

    #1 for me. Not that I have super expensive knives but I have around a dozen that average around $500. Never felt the urge to spend big money on cookware and all I've got in the apt now is a tramontina set from walmart, lodge cast iron pan, baking steel griddle and my go-to carbon steel wok. I do...