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    Any advice on flattening shapton #120 glass plates

    You were likely going to far with the overhang. In other words a shorter stroke should help. SiC on a large flat surface is also an option.
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    Saya as a "sidecar"?

    Yes, I,ve been thinking along those lines also. I think that spacer blocks would be necessary to separate the knives a bit. I haven't come with a 'That's it!' design yet though. One rejected idea was a plexy box full of dry beans with all the sayas stuck in it.
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    Saya as a "sidecar"?

    This sidecar idea was the reason that I made a saya, as my knife wouldn't fit in the block. But I never got around to mounting the saya until I saw this thread. Thanks for the kick in the pants.
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    Knife edge won't last after sharpening

    I was thinking the same thing.
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    Nasty customers

    I have a welding business. My favorite customer comment; Upon receiving the bill for a small job they actually said "There used to be a guy in town who did welding really cheap...but he went out of business" I chuckle every time I think of this.
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    Naniwa Chosera 3000 round or brick?

    I think that the round Choseras are primarily made to be used with rotating tables, not to say that they couldn't be used statically.
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    Is there any point to using all your grits and can you use your finest (10,000+) grit whetstone to strop?

    Assuming that you already own the stones using the 1k between the 800 and 2k should cut down on the wear on the finer grit stone. Higher grit stones are typically more expensive and the 1k will refine the 800 grit edge faster. Or, if there was less metal to remove you could skip the 800 and just...
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    Kurouchi Kuestions

    Stainless takes on a beautiful oxide forge finish. Like satin.
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    what do you guys use for pocket knives?

    Washita. As to addressing the recurve at the ricasso, I used to be a big fan of cutting a small choil to define the start of the cutting edge, but that can interfere with cutting cord. Now I just get in there with the corner of the stone. The steel rounds the corner of the stone a little and...
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    Hello! Got a stone issue, let me know where to place this request.

    Could also be that the vendor has contacted Naniwa. I expect that enough people have noticed this that at some time someone will address it.
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    Hello! Got a stone issue, let me know where to place this request.

    This whole thing makes me want to buy a stone that I don't need to see what the heck it is, but I won't. I guess the upshot is that the stones are still usable, so just ignore it. I use rub stones to clean my Naniwas frequently anyway. At least once per stone per session, and multiple times if...
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    Hello! Got a stone issue, let me know where to place this request.

    I was thinking that it must be skin too, especially since you notice it more with the 1k. I realized that I had just used my 1k Chosera yesterday so it might still be a little damp and allow me to experience the same thing. The stone felt dry and had a thin residue of dried slurry on it. I got...
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    Hello! Got a stone issue, let me know where to place this request.

    What is your general location? Perhaps someone with experience with the same stones could take a look. Short of that see what the seller has to say about them.
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    Hello! Got a stone issue, let me know where to place this request.

    This sounds very strange. I use Naniwa Choseras (pro) in the 600, 1k, 3k, and 5k and I dont think I've experienced anything as bad as what you are reporting. The stones do seem to develop a slight glase when sitting unused, but a quick rub with that dressing stone will quickly remove it. Were...
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    Hello from CO

    Hello Western, Another CO guy here. Lafayette area.