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    SOLD Tsukiji Masamoto VG10 270mm Sujihiki

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    WTS Black Saya for Gyuto 210 made in Japan w/ box and pin $30 all incl. US

    Selling this unused Black saya for 210 gyuto. This saya would fit knives like Ryusen Blazen/Bontenunryu. $30 with shipping included to CONUS. for other places +shipping
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    Ryusen line blazen vs bontenunryu

    Thank you @memorael, @refcast @KenHash and @WiriWiri. Thanks i feel like leaning towards the SG2 one. Quick question what does the "HT" acronym stand for ? I think it's mainly the heat treatment with the Vg10. I have a tsukiji masamoto VG10 and sharpening is easy and the blade holds the edge...
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    Ryusen line blazen vs bontenunryu

    Has anyone used the 2 lines ? i know one is VG10 and the one other is SG2 but was wondering if there is any noticeable difference between ? or just become a tradeoff between edge retention, more brittle (SG2) vs less brittle and less edge retention. (looking online at 210 gyuto...hard to...
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    I can get a BNIB Ryusen Blazen sujihiki 270mm for a great price: take it or leave it?

    Thank you !! I just found one online !! and the price is great once 20+% VAT tax is removed and free shipping to US!!
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    WTB Tsukiji Masamoto V1 gyuto

    if y you can just directly ordered from Tsukiji Masamoto online. email them telling i want to buy xyz they will send you a link to pay online !! they ship via EMS and now EMS to US works I did that twice with them and it works !!
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    Western style boning: Tojiro DP Gokujo (or German zwilling pro boning) ?

    Of course, Sorry..What i meant is that recipient uses whetstones so the way of sharpening is not a limiting factor between the 2 knives. of courses for the tojiro it will be only whetstone and for the zwilling honing and when needed whetstone (also it's gonna be more difficult) !
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    Western style boning: Tojiro DP Gokujo (or German zwilling pro boning) ?

    Hello, I am looking to make a gift for someone in my family and debating with the Tojiro DP Gokujo or a Zwilling pro boning. Has anyone experience with the Tojiro DP and the curved shape? and ease of use. The purpose for the purchase is for general meat boning/fat trimming/carving chicken time...
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    Help me pick an Usuba or tell me why I shouldn't buy one.

    i am home user, and it's a really fun knife to have when dealing with vegetable. Yes it does steer, but depending on the ingredients, if start cutting with some the steering will be less pronounce. as said earlier it's really for push cut and katsuramuki. size wise 180 or 195mm are the most...
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    owners of miyabi mizu sg2 gyuto

    i had the 200mm Mizu and i echo nothing special. the blade is handle heavy. I got the R2 takumura and really a great knife. Perfect balance when pinch gripping.
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    Takamura R2 vs Pro comparison question

    Hello I have been the 210mm Takamura R2 (red handle) for some time and love it. I am intrigued with the Takamura Pro and was wondering beside the full tang, black handle and the bolster not being solder, what are the pros and cons of the Pro ? Also, I see it's 3mm at the spine so is it like...
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    Usuba Length

    180-195mm is good length. note that the Usuba has a machi (small gap between the handle and blade) and the usuba blade length is actually from tip to the handle and not the cutting edge length (same for yanagiba). So remember to remove approx 10mm..
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    Secondary Chef Knife reco

    Thank you all for your responses. I used a Takamura R2 as primary, but as delicate and super sharp, specially for people coming over my place, i prefer to handout something sharp and tough in these hands...also for me time to time if if need to cut out tough things, i can use it rather than...
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    Secondary Chef Knife reco

    Hello, My only chef knife is the Takamura 210mm and I am looking for a secondary chef knives i could use for (a) non-delicate tasks (instead of using my sujihiki) , (2) hand out to guest/family/friend coming over and (3) more western shape as already have JP one. I narrowed down a few items...