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    Hello fellow knife enthusiasts!

    Nice! The manga was quite a ride.
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    Hello fellow knife enthusiasts!

    Welcome! Based on your avatar, I assume you like the show. :)
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    Currently Available

    Very nice indeed! I have been poking around half heartly, looking for outdoor type knife and this certainly caught my attention. Any chance of a sheath to go with the backpacker?
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    Shihan knives

    Yeah, I can vouch for the quality of Shi.han knives. I got a few from KKF as well as from him directly and they are what the posts above described. Very durable, designed for professional environment and can take a beating. The AEB-L version is very good as well. I don't have graceful knife...
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    Gallery of Newer Works

    Very nice work! Any difference working with AEB-L versus S35VN?
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    Greetings from Washington DC

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    250 San Mai Gyuto

    Wow! Very nice. Did you enjoy working with wrought Iron?
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    Withdrawn Yoshikane 210 Gyuto, Kanehiro 150 Petty

    Very nice. Really tempted by the Yoshikane. GLWS!
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    Ban on 210 gyutos

    As one of the newbies around here, this has gone to the deep end faster than I expected.....
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    Moritaka - Journey through hell

    If it was me, I probably would have gotten rid of it rather quickly at the first sign of trouble. Yeah, this is impressive to say the least. Very imformative and eye opening. Thanks for posting and sharing your journey.
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    Kitayama discussion

    Hmmm... How's does Kitayama compare to Naniwa's Junpaku (Snow White)?
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    WTS Shi-han, Kaeru, Heiji Gyutos!

    I can attest that Shi.Han knives are good. Glad that's traded/sold. I was very tempted; but alas lack of fund. Sigh....
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    Thermowork pen

    Yup. The silicone magnetic holder is rather handy. The pen is quite useful as well. Often people would borrow mine for other "projects"....
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    Hello from Maryland!

    Welcome! Good to see another forum member in the local area.
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    Hello from Cleveland, looking for rec on smallish all-purpose knife

    Ahh! Coventry! I used to work near University Circle. Fond memories of the area!