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    Withdrawn Single-bevel knives to practice sharpening and polishing

    I bought a single bevel petty as my first one since I figured it being shorter would be easier (which it was). It ended up being my favorite knife for about a year. Just food for thought.
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    SOLD Toyama 270 SS-clad Blue Suji

    Well damn. I literally just talked myself out of buying one of these the other day now you post this. I will be heavily monitoring this thread if it doesn’t sell immediately
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    SOLD Moritaka AS gyuto 240

    I’ve never really thinned my knives before and I went to try it on my moritaka petty. Do you thin from the bevel to the kurouchi finish? I was under the impression that thinning involved more of the face of the knife but when I tried that it seemed like my knife was convex and only meeting at...
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    WTB 270-330 Yanagiba

    I’ve got a gesshin Uraka 270mm with a custom handle by pcpken. Barely used, sharpened once on a 6k stone. I can add a picture later if you’re interested
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    Yanagi Upgrade

    Awesome, I appreciate the insight. I'll probably keep an eye on the BST forum until Hide's come back in stock.
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    Yanagi Upgrade

    It's blue #2. I originally bought it after owning the FRKZ 150mm single bevel petty which I absolutely love. The 240 yanagi isn't a bad knife by any means, it just doesn't give me the same feeling the petty or my wat gives me so I figured I would try another yanagi. You'd go with a Gesshin Hide...
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    Yanagi Upgrade

    So I use a JCK Fu-rin-ka-zan 240mm yanagi quite a bit at work and am thinking about upgrading. A few months back I got a Wat gyuto that just feels amazing in every way, after a few uses I know I'll never need another gyuto until this thing is sharpened beyond the point of no return, so I'm kind...
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    New Member

    Hello, I'm a sous chef at a michelin star restaurant in the states. After stumbling across this forum many a times, I am joining mainly in order to participate in knife selling/purchasing but am seeing all the other neat threads this forum has to offer. I have too many already (Watanabe...