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    Hey there

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    Kitaoka Deba

    Oh! I'm sorry. I forgot to mention I was looking at the Suisin Mioroshi on Korin. Should I pick up a new Deba in the near future, it'll be my second single bevel that I've owned.
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    Kitaoka Deba

    Lately, I've been doing a bit of Monkfish and Steelhead Trout. That Mioroshi looks nice, but it's just out of my price range for the moment.
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    Kitaoka Deba

    I was curious if anyone has any experience using any of the Kitaoka Deba knives? I'm looking to make my first purchase of a Deba and looking at a 210 mm model. Feedback anyone? Also, feel free to pass along any other recommendations. I'm not really looking to spend any more than $350-$400 USD...
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    I've been here for almost two years and none of the bbq really stands out to me. I made a few recommendations to another fellow in town on business, but I can always throw Mama Zu's and L' Opossum in the mix.
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    London: You should check out Heritage, The Magpie, and The Roosevelt if you have free time and some money to burn. THey're three of my favorite places in the city. All the chefs are amazing and down to earth folk.
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    It's starting to get quite a little restaurant buzz around here. You should take a trip back. :thumbsup:
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    "Aha Moment" That Got You Into Cooking

    It was a way for me to find quick work while traveling and playing music. Down the road, I abandoned the desire to tour consistently and stuck with cooking. It snowballed from there with zero regrets.
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    what are you drinking tonight?

    Eagle Rare 10 year bourbon.
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    Awesome. I just finished a stint with my previous job to help open a new restaurant. Should be open by the end of November.
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    In NOLA from 11/5 to 11/11 - Thoughts / Suggestions please

    Maybe check out Mondo out in Lakeview. If you're ever in the mood for great "junk food" and burritos, Juan's Flying Burrito in Midcity and Garden District is pretty awesome too.
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    Visiting DC 10/6 thru 10/8

    Damn. I wish I would've registered and saw this sooner. Dakaiya would've been an awesome stopping point out in Chinatown.
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    Favourite chefs / chefs you look up to

    Andrew Carmellini, Daniel Boloud, and Travis Grimes
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    I hope that didn't come off as I'm not excited about what I do. I certainly couldn't picture myself doing anything else. I actually enjoy the term "lifer."
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    I'm a lifer, my friend. This is my passion and my knives certainly keep my bills paid.