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  1. welshstar

    Show your newest knife buy

    I have not got ir yet, im excited to see it in person
  2. welshstar

    Show your newest knife buy

    New Kiritsuke made by Anthony Leseur
  3. welshstar

    WTS Scorpion Forge (Cris Anderson) XH AEB-L 235mm Gyuto

    Its a fantastic knife, i know because the one in the video is mine. The balance and cutting ability are off the charts, fit and finish are world class
  4. welshstar

    Slate for sharpening

    Literally just got them today, i dont sharpen that often so ill report when i have info
  5. welshstar

    Slate for sharpening

    Not that i know of
  6. welshstar

    Slate for sharpening

    Well this slate is from Wales not Belgium, i know exactly where it came from. How can you determine girt ?
  7. welshstar

    Slate for sharpening

    Anyone used slate instead of a Japanese natural stone ? seems to be about 12K and way cheaper
  8. welshstar

    Why has knife BST disappeared ?

    Knife BST has just disappeared !! Everything else is still here Did i get censored or thrown off by mods or something ? if so ive not received any communication to tell me what i did wrong
  9. welshstar

    CJA 250mm gyuto

    Why is this still here, its the best value on BST !!
  10. welshstar


    And all was well with the world Except the douche still has sent the knife !!
  11. welshstar

    Catcheside Honyaki

    Love that handle
  12. welshstar

    CJA, Shig, Takeda, Mario, etc

    Cris’s knives are unbelievable cutters, nothing ive ever used comes close, they are effortless and if i was a professional this would be the knife of choice just for its performance let alone the beauty.
  13. welshstar

    Kamikoto knives must be stopped!

    Why dont you explain whats wrong with the grind for novices ?
  14. welshstar

    What you need to know when ordering a custom knife

    The trick is that some makers will let you be creative and they just edit you, others have such strict rules that you basically buy teh product they want to make. Neither is right or wrong but you need to understand before choosing a maker
  15. welshstar


    Guys I have no idea who Iceman is and dont agree with any of his behaviour but can i suggest a little caution throwing out things like "kick his ass" and telling his employers hes a "dishonest thief" you need concrete first hand proof before throwing words like that around in an open forum...