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    Why is a deba thus named?

    Wikipedia brings this up: 『堺鑑』には「その鍛冶、出歯の口もとなる故、人呼んで出歯庖丁と云えり」と記述されているが、これが普及や時間経過とともに「出刃」に変わっていったものと考えられる。 『本朝世事談綺』にも出歯庖丁について類似の記述がある。
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    Sealing stones, did I botch this?

    Even Cashew makes a sealing putty to prevent porous things like wood from sucking up too much. When dealing with very absorbent substrates, it's good to get a quick-drying seal coat, or one that's simply too viscous to penetrate. There are fillers for epoxy like colloidal silica that can...
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    lets have a new razor thread.

    Most of my razors sharpen and polish nicely but cut whiskers like a deba cuts carrots. Might have to tweak them a bit more aggressively and see whether I like them more.
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    Nibs & Knives ; Do you love fountain pens too ?

    I sprang the nib of my Pilot 743 trying to cut garlic with it. Will probably stick with knives for that job.
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    Best blend of beauty and performance in a Gyuto ?

    I don't keep many pretty or ostentatious knives; I feel like they are for people in a different social stratum. I can't even bother to replace the widely-maligned plastic ferrule handles most of the time. Among my current gyuto, my favorite juggler between looks and performance is a cheap old...
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    Michele Massaro Knives, An Italian Blacksmith

    Interesting. I'm pretty sure I'm not smart or qualified enough to appreciate the mastery.
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    What is the best base for receiving a nagura ?

    Depends on what you want to do with it. Nagura perform two basic functions: contributing mud, or eroding another stone. The former can be divided into abrasive-dominant or buffer/lubricant mud, and the latter might be divided into surface conditioning and slurry raising. If you're using a...
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    Preparing for COVID-19

    Removed belligerent comment. Stay safe.
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    Preparing for COVID-19

    In Taiwan there seem to be two common mentalities regarding masks. One is that you're protecting yourself, and evidence for that seems to be a bit shakier (like most places, there are many pseudoscientific practices and superstitions regarding health). Further, it might be a weaker motivator...
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    Sentimental custom knives

    One of my more personally meaningful possessions is a Dalman knife. I was thinking of sending it back to him and asking if he could put it inside another knife.
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    Fake Kasumi???

    I'm probably the only person in Taiwan who would sell a stone-finished knife for nt$4k, and that's just because I hate myself. Addendum: not selling any right now. Sorry.
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    WTS Kemadi Vege Cleaver/Slicer in Bulat

    I'd be all over it if I weren't struggling financially at the moment. Good luck with the sale!
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    Putting Kanji VS don't put Kanji

    I'm not a fan, but I wouldn't reject a knife because of an engraving. Go for whatever tickles your pickle and it shouldn't affect future value.
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    Favorite knife for sweet potatoes and other tough customers

    I like my Dalman santoku and thin cleavers for the dense stuff. For fun, here's a yam or whatever from several years ago. It was a somewhat extreme specimen.