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    Show your newest gear!

    Bascially a 2 for 1 hr of work. 1st one came with a nub on the lower shelf which prevented installment. The company sent another one which was fine and then I cut out the nub of the original with a knife ha
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    ugliest. knife. ever.

    Im picturing the bloody mess right now 🤣
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    ugliest. knife. ever.

    Nope, as plain as white bread. Ha it would be cool if it was battery operated and lighted up tho!
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    Show your newest knife buy

    Not a purchase but new acquisition. My dad found one of his old kits while we were cleaning and gave it to me. Its probably been tucked away for close to 20 years now. Havent cleaned it up or anything yet. Too bad Im left handed 😫
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    ugliest. knife. ever.

    Im just gonna leave this here...
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    How are you coping? What are you doing

    Dont think Ill ever purchase a dog. My brother found this guy on the street. No tags or anything. He went to see if he was chipped or if anyone was missing a him. He's been with us since 2010. We also had another dog my sisters co-worker gave away to us.
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    Sauce on top, the Italian-American way

    Not Italian. Grew up with the sauce on top and oiling the pasta after boiling. As I got more into cooking I learned tossing it in sauce helps incorporate everything together. I always toss the pasta in sauce and noodle water before serving now. We've always stored them seperatly. I always found...
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    Japanese Market Kitchen Help Needed - Boston Brookline

    Nice! Very cool opportunity. Im all the way out west and also a yankees fan 😫. Not sure Im ready for a move yet. Best of luck!
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    What do you use to juice limes, lemons, and oranges?

    In a pinch, 2 forks. For volume Id use one of those electric ones.
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    Other The Best Damn Guacamole

    Interesting. Will have to set aside a small amount to try this next time I make guac
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    Strata webstore!

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    Whats cooking? **** Making something fine and fancy?** Just plain good? Show us!

    Grinded the salmon for the salmon burgers and made my "secret" burger sauce. Already had ground beef so nothing fancy for that. Also a nice cobb salad.
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    How did you get here? On this knife journey that is.

    By now, this knife journey is entwined with my Culinary journey and has also taught me that it's worth it to invest in quality tools and equipment. I celebrate every new gig with a knife. I've always enjoyed cooking so I guess it was bound to happen. My dad did sushi for a long time but he...