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  1. Customfan

    WTT Beautiful specimen (authentic and unopened)

    Specs 6 x 24 mega rolls 101.05 mm tall 123.19 wide Real McCoy certified authentic Doble ply soft and cushiony, I used one once so I have a good idea of how they should behave in the field (so to speak). Plastic is sealed, ready to go! Would do a straight trade for: - Kato 240 damy western...
  2. Customfan

    Packing/transportation issues?

    Ever have a broken tip? Oxidation? Damages after shipping? I think Its a good idea to open a thread that deals with packing mistakes/desirable traits with kitchen blades, we've all seen or heard stories that could've been avoided.... this is meant for all the kitchen knife world but mainly...
  3. Customfan

    WTS Genkai 300... Gidgee & blond

    Genkai 300 Yanagiba With Moon over hamon, one of the nicest one I've seen.... Mizu honyaki white 300mm 34.73 tall Saya and handle set Handle Gidgee and blond ferrule and cap I believe the saya is rosewood 3 ring from K&S.... its pretty.... pretty..... pretty! ;-) 1.345 + Ship..... CONUS
  4. Customfan

    Withdrawn Togashi Blue 1 Honyaki Gyuto

    Togashi “the James” gyuto from K&S Honyaki Blue #1 245 length 54.85 tall 3.15 2.7 1.8 Mirror finish Blonde ferrule and cap with spacers “kite” type “wa” handle with square top and round bottom for added control and comfort. just gorgeous blade specimen Comes with saya and K&S box 1.45k +Ship...
  5. Customfan

    SOLD Katos

    Fall thinning on these beauties Real hard decision... but necessary Yeah... yeah... i know.... sometimes, you just have to let go Purchased at different times All in their black box No sayas Pics speak for themselves No trades 1) Kato 240 WH Gyuto Nicest specimen I´ve seen, nice and...
  6. Customfan

    Withdrawn SHIGEFUSA 270 Kitaeji Yanagiba

    Shigefusa 270 Kitaeji Yanagiba Pristine Gorgeous specimen presentation Kiri box ;-) Comes with original friction saya 260 actual 32 tall $1,325 +Ship CONUS
  7. Customfan

    Withdrawn Tsukasa Hinoura set and Shig Kitaeji

    Tsukasa Hinoura and Shig Kitaeji for trade Looking preferably for katos (240 KU, single bevel) ______________________________________________ Tsukasa Hinoura KU set (2 blades) Shirogami #2 210 Burnt chestnut KU Gyuto and matching saya 240 Burnt chestnut KU Suji And matching saya Both in...
  8. Customfan

    Withdrawn Munetoshi Honyaki 240 gyuto

    Munetoshi Honyaki 240 gyuto From JNS White 2 steel Catch and release Pristine Very good deal if you are looking for a “low price alternative” honyaki. Original Box 248 on the blade 50 tall $565 +Ship CONUS No trades
  9. Customfan

    SOLD Morihiro Fuji & Kato

    Pre-fall thinning Pains me to let these go but I must! __________________________________________________________________________ Kono Fujiyama Gyuto Morihiro grind with the Shinogi 2016 Blue #2 Standard Fuji specs 51.5 Tall 232 long Purchased from a well known member With the classic...
  10. Customfan

    WTS Deals on Togashi and Suisin blades

    Super deal on two great blades im not using 270 Kenji Togashi White steel Yanagiba Sakai Takayuki Comes with OEM saya Pristine Handle still has plastic wrapper $395 +Ship CONUS (blade is currently posted on sites at $534!!!)
  11. Customfan

    SOLD Gengetsu 240 gyuto

    Gengetsu 240 Sem-stainless Wa gyuto Light home use... very good shape Great specs and a very nice example of this blade, the combo looks very classy! 245 actual 49.3 tall 3.5 at heel 2.05 mid 1.5 before tip Comes with a very nice Ken custom handle Made and installed by him... Three ring...
  12. Customfan

    Bought Masamoto KS Saya

    hi! Looking for an OEM Masamoto embossed saya (friction) for a Sohonten 240 gyuto KS-3124 is the blade its for... Or if you know who has them in stock, that would be helpful as well Thanks you!
  13. Customfan

    SOLD Yoshikane “black” SLD 240 Gyuto

    Yoshikane 240 gyuto Black Damascus SLD steel laminated with Softer Stainless Gorgeous Custom Ken aftermarket handle Installed by Ken composite and burl. Mosaic pin and spacers Comes with box, black saya and pin... 245 actual blade 50.5 tall 3.10 from handle 2.0 mid 1.5 close to tip $575...
  14. Customfan

    SOLD Masamoto KS 240 gyuto

    Masamoto KS3124 240 gyuto Standard specs Light home use with Schroeder custom handle Handles normally run between $180-190 Comes with original stamped OEM handle $495 +Ship CONUS No trades on this one Comes with box and saya
  15. Customfan

    SOLD Konosuke HD2 240 gyuto

    240 Konosuke HD2 gyuto Standard specs Normal use A few sharpenings No thinning Some discoloration drops from use (normal, no functional issues) Great classic blade Gets super sharp! Isaiah Schroeder spalted handle Balance at heel 138mm No saya $245 +ship CONUS Only...
  16. Customfan

    WTS 270 Togashi Yanagiba BNIB

    Some mild thinning of Ze herd ;-) _____________________________ Kono Fujiyama 240 (NO LONGER AVAILABLE) FM Blue #2 gyuto Khii Ebony handle Pristine with box No Saya Standard measurements 51 tall 233 on the blade $425 shipped CONUS (paid $467 all in with taxes)...
  17. Customfan

    WTS Tsubaya Y. Tanaka 240 KU Gyuto

    Tsubaya Y. Tanaka 240 KU Wa Gyuto Aogami (Blue 1) Soft iron clad Very Light use Yew and buffalo horn handle Comes with an additionally purchased Ai&Om saya and tassel pin ($40 value) They fit and look nice! ;-) 232 actual blade 3.6 at heel 2.9 mid 1.5 close to tip 51.32 tall $445 +Ship CONUS...
  18. Customfan

    SOLD Carter M.S. 240 WA Gyuto

    Gorgeous Carter Master Smith Grade (M.S.) 240 Wa Gyuto Nicest Carter I've seen IMHO Well stamped kanji High grade white steel laminated with alternating layers of 1025 Comes with original Carter Box. Pristine 245 actual blade 51.5 tall 2.68 above heel 2.00 mid 1.55 Micarta ferrule and racing...
  19. Customfan

    WTS W2 Pie-Keda Honyaki

    Pie Cutlery Pie-keda (takeda shaped blade done by Jody Hale) W2 Steel Honyaki Great shape.... super fun to use 234 actual 64 tall 2.5 at heel 170 handle No Saya Just sharpened, ready to go Stabilized handle Tapered D-Shape $495 Ship CONUS
  20. Customfan

    WTB Kato’s Single and double bevels

    searching for Kato’s