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  1. blokey

    WTS Suisin inox Honyaki 210mm petty /saya

    I got this from a trade with another forum member, mainly to try out other petty lengths, this is an awesome knife that cut through everything but 210mm petty is not sadly not for me, I'm still leaning more towards my old 150mm. I traded it for the value of $200 and I'd like to sell it for that...
  2. blokey

    WTS Zwilling Aurora 9.5 inch skillet made by Demeyere

    Basically a Demeyere with riveted handle, same shape and thickness, I like the pan but it has not see much use since I like using saute pan and my carbon steel skillet more. Made in Belgium in the same Demeyere factory just with a Zwilling stamp. Would like to get $70 out of this, due to the...
  3. blokey

    SOLD Beaters and practice knives for sale

    Got couple knives for sale, they don't get use much from me so I though someone else would appreciate them more. First is a pair of single bevels, one Haruyoshi 240mm Yanagiba, it says Hitachi metal, probably some flavor of white. Another on is Kiya 180mm Deba, thick and heavy, works really...
  4. blokey

    WTS Capt. unloads some beaters

    Love my Shi.Han A2, some of the best knife I have, GLWS!
  5. blokey

    What sharpening equipment do you use on the line?

    Coticule and BBW pocket stone
  6. blokey

    chinesse cheap sharpenning stones, works? for a beginner?

    They work, but it is worth it to invest in a good single 1000 stone like shapton or Cerax.
  7. blokey

    Demeyere Atlantis and induktion.

    Wattage, plug in burner are limited to the output of the wall plug, in NA the maxium wattage is around 1800w, but with build in burners they can have dedicated power which greatly increase their powerout put. For induction burners the coil size is also important, for a lot of portables they only...
  8. blokey

    Looking for a new (or used) Blade!

    V2 on the KU ones, kind between blue 2 and white 2
  9. blokey

    Knife findings

    Got myself a KU Nakiri, have to resist the gyuto, I have enough already. Edit: Since JKI dont ship over Weekend, i'm curious if anyone had nakiri and gyuto at same time, which one would cut better?
  10. blokey

    Looking for a new (or used) Blade!

    They just restocked, some of the nicest knives you can buy.
  11. blokey

    Knife findings

    Major Kochi restock!
  12. blokey

    Looking for a new (or used) Blade!

    Yoshikane is definitely not a rocking knife, it is a broken tip away from being a really narrow nakiri. JKI is restocking some Kochi soon, those have much better profile for rocking.
  13. blokey

    Search for the optimum fish breaking/filleting knife

    You can even use a cleaver
  14. blokey

    Knife findings

    Did the Hitohiro website actually restock things? I have registered for bunch of stuff but never received any updates.
  15. blokey

    Chinese cleaver catagories

    Just gonna insert this here, Mulberry Knife is sub category of Pian Dao/ slicing knife, used more in Southern Chinese and Cantonese cuisine.
  16. blokey

    Knife findings

    It's 19900 USD tho, the iron cladded one at Zahocho is $670
  17. blokey

    How do you cut an apple?

    With power tool of course
  18. blokey

    Considering a countertop HOT-water dispenser.

    Timemore and Bonavita also makes nice kettles, I bought the Bonavita 1l for $50 and still using it after years of daily pourover, the sprout might not be as precise as the EKG but hey that's what practice are for.
  19. blokey

    Daily Knife Pics. Any Knife. Join In!

    I'd certainly go for one if I haven't got the Zakuri Sabaki already, but that said I do own bunch of gyutos doing pretty much the same thing...