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    Why do you hate santokus?

    I cringe every time I see a TV celebrity chef brought up on Western chef knives trying to do justice to a Santoku. Personally though there are other knife styles I prefer
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    what do you guys use for pocket knives?

    I used to carry a Spyderco Enduro but found it too big for my "man purse" I then discovered the CRKT Eros - a sweet Ken Onion design that's just about perfect for basic EDC tasks and the occasional mall eatery steak. Pierced Ti handle; frame lock; 3" 440 (Accuto) blade; IKBS pivot; Flipper...
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    Fiddle Bow Bread Knives

    I have a couple (one vintage - the other is on a Huon Pine handle) I have a couple - one's a vintage and the other (shown) is on a rather nice Huon Pine handle. Never used either of them as I don't see the need for a slice-guide - and anyway I prefer to use a gyuto for slicing bread - no need...
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    Bulat on KickStarter

    Not all kickstarter projects are worth supporting. Just saying............
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    May amuse people = ISO standard for kitchen knives

    So where does the traditional bonti fit into this standard?
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    cutting boards question

    What he said
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    Boker Ceramic Rigging Knives

    Oh - and then there is the Spyderco knives in H1
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    Boker Ceramic Rigging Knives

    Have you guys considered the Boye Cobalt knives - these things are designed for saltwater and tough cordage
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    CCK Rescue

    Bit hard to tell from your pics - (my chinese is hopeless as well) whether you have a chopper or slicer but it definitely looks to be one of the larger CCK's - my guess is the 1503
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    The Santoku phenomenon

    I believe the use of the santoku (steel and ceramic) by celeb-chefs has more to do with their 'exotic' shape/material than any performance benefit - compliments of the prop departments. It's pretty obvious to me that while GR uses them he is also uncomfortable with them - and as for Nigella...
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    Masamoto KS WaGyuto, Mukimono, or Kiritsuke??

    In my very limited experience, 270 is minimum for a kiritsuke.
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    Sharpening a Nakiri

    If you run it so that the edge is in line with the belt it will fix up that wavy edge - I have used this technique on several knives which had been 'over-steeled' to the stage that they were starting to look like kukris. Just make sure the blade doesn't heat up
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    Re-etching / maintaining Damascus.

    You do realise that Muriatic Acid is actually Hydrochloric Acid (HCl). You can also etch with Ferric Chloride - the same stuff as was used for etching printed circuit boards - this is not as aggressive as HCl
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    Help to Design a Forum Knife!

    I would like to see a parer - maybe partnered to something else but definitely a parer
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    Sanding belts

    +1 On the cheap stainless knives I sharpen (for other people), the Scotchbrite polish on the edge seems to make them last longer
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    Usuba - how difficult to learn?

    The edge on a usuba can be very delicate because it is a zero grind. Yes, there is a steep learning curve associated with using them for katsuramaki if that's what you want to do, but the other cuts aren't as difficult. The bevel actually helps to control the cut - same as for yanagiba and...
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    Hi everyone

    Dave Good to see I'm still able to be in touch with you guys and wish you every success