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  1. J

    Ideas for first 240 Gyuto upgrade.

    Ok, I think I am finally ready for something a little better. I have a Fujiwara 240 FKH, Konosuke 270 HD Suji, and Shun Elite 8" that I have been working with and sharpening for awhile and have started thinking about a new 240 Gyuto to add to the lineup. The Gyuto seems to be the one I...
  2. J

    Favorite knife for fun?

    What's your favorite knife to use that you don't use all the time? For example, I love it any time I am doing something that really lets me use my CCK. Most of the time it just sits around because I'm using my gyuto, but I almost always smile when I find a task that just begs for the CCK...
  3. J

    Censored name?

    Are links to CKtG being blocked? Just curious after the link here.
  4. J

    Site problem

    Just a heads up, the site doesn't look like it ever finishes loading at the moment. I noticed that the banner is gone. It could be stuck trying to find the file. Started sometime around 10 am MST.
  5. J

    Cast Iron question

    Has anyone re-surfaced their cast iron pans? I have a large Lodge skillet that I decided to modify for no good reason other then to see if it made a difference. The interior surface had a nice season to it but I decided to sand some of the larger factory textureing down to see if I could make...
  6. J

    Thanks Jon

    Just thought I would post something here. I purchased a Konosuke 270mm HD Suji from Jon around a month ago. Its been a great knife for everything I have thrown at it so far. More importantly to me though was what a great shopping experience it was. Jon was great to deal with and took the...