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    WTS Tanaka Yoshikazu Petty 155mm Blue 1 Damascus

    Gorgeous Petty Unused and Unsharpened , very minor chip to the cutting edge only at the heal , will disappear after a couple of sharpenings RRP £362,70 asking £275 plus shipping to be advised
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    WTS Tanaka Yoshikazu Gyuto 270mm Blue 1 Dama

    Recently bought from JNS......Unused Mint condition....This magnificent blade untouched by either Animal , Vegitable or Mineral ( Errr Stone ) Looking for £575 plus shipping of choice , I would Prefer a UK sale however EU and CONUS considered depending on shipping
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    Good Day Folks

    Having read through many hugely informative threads for a few days I am pleased to join such a knowledgeable and helpful forum. I have become increasingly interested in acquiring Japanese forged Carbon knives and look forward to joining in. All the best. Jasper.