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    White Meat Chicken

    hahha..chicken feet? i would catagorize that as dark meat. :D and at Dim Sum houses, Pheonix claws are only half the options. there is a white chicken feet served with red vinegar. you eat pheonix claws to practice for the white ones. way more daunting.
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    What's baking? Seasonal treats

    sorry. that is a Maple Syrup Pecan pie.
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    Cutting back on salt in my cooking has ruined my abiltiy to salt my cooking. hahah

    i think i was eating too much salt. my BP was creeping up on me, and i figured that was a good catalyst to take a swing at it. now, i am all over the place. i seem to oversalt and undersalt. i rarely stick the landing, so to speak. hahha. bear in my mind, by oversalting i mean it is...
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    What's baking? Seasonal treats

    i did a practice run, prepping for the holidays.
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    Christmas Meal...?

    i am not cooking this year. Christmas Eve, we are going to a local famous Peking Duck place. on the way home, i am grabbing a Take and Bake deep dish pizza to finish cooking on Christmas day. plus a kller bottle of wine. done.
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    evaporated milk.

    this morning I had some leftover, good bread. my wife said, "French toast?". sure!! I realized I didnt have milk or I found a can of evaporated milk. worked beautifully!! very good French toast!! I think I am going to keep a few cans in my pantry. not sure why I have...
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    Dang. now i have to cook Christmas dinner

    i thought i was in the clear. i had a visit to a Dim Sum restaurant all figured out. eat, pay, dust the food crumbs off my butt and go home. my BIL torpedoed my plans. he can only meet for an EVE dinner. now i cant wake up Christmas day without some minor event. hahah.. thinking a...
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    Let’s see some outdoor knives

    Never even considered it an outdoor knife. And I don’t baton anything. Hell, I don’t bushcraft. for a folding knife, I think I can do better…for me.
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    Let’s see some outdoor knives

    i cant get aboard with the Opinel. maybe if i was picnicing on some french countryside. i dont get that knife at all.
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    White Meat Chicken

    i grew up on the stuff. thinking back, it believe it was becasue i was trying to limit fat intake? i dont know. now? older and hopefully wiser, i think i like dark meat better. it is almost mandatory in my stir fries and stuff. i simmered an entire chicken for some chinese chicken herb...
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    Let’s see some outdoor knives

    i have the carbon version. stupid sharp field dress a lot of game animals with that knife. i cut the belt loop off the sheath and it got LIGHTWEIGHT. i just put it in my pack. right now, i am trying on something new. a Leatherman Skeletool. it has a few flaws to me, but it has been...
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    Cooking at my moms house.

    Way to rally!!! Dang.
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    Cooking at my moms house.

    My family took one sniff and made the executive decision to eat it right away. I rapidly boiled some tiny potatoes in salted water, steamed some green beans. dinner time. Total crowd pleaser. today, thanksgiving, only turkey and no green beans. Haha. I have a tiny bit of brisket leftover...
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    Cooking at my moms house.

    Haha. I did use my Leatherman in the toilet repair.
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    Cooking at my moms house.

    If I had a Time Machine I would have plannned on eating out thanksgiving day. Her tools are abysmal. Thin aluminum pots. No utensils. Her knives are serviceable. Vintage German, but worn way down from my stepdad’s restaurant days. I’m braising a Jewish brisket and I couldn’t use the only big...
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    Hotel pan in oven or cheap double roaster for trapping steam

    I've used a sheet pan over a hotel pan as a lid. goofy looking as heck, but it worked. I was braising something, so you may have more steam pressure..dunno. I am a home kitchen guy. limited experieences
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    Best Eats - Bay Area

    you are vacationing here?! awesome. would have been cool to come shake your hand. hahah