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    Gesshin Hide Yanagiba 300mm

    Still available.
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    Gesshin Hide Yanagiba 300mm

    Reduced: $435 shipped OBO
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    Gesshin Hide Yanagiba 300mm

    Bump. Reduced to $440 + shipping, or make an offer.
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    Gesshin Hide Yanagiba 300mm

    This one was a custom order.
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    Gesshin Hide Yanagiba 300mm

    Uraoshi was done, I do not think it showed as well as it could have in the photo. If you would like me to, I can try to capture a better photograph of the ira tomorrow. Edit: Jon beat me to it while I was typing. Thanks
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    Gesshin Hide Yanagiba 300mm

    Gesshin Hide Yanagiba 300mm White #2 steel, sharpened by Jon Broida. This is a beautiful Gesshin Hide Yanagiba that has never been used. The knife had a full sharpening service done by Jon Broida when I ordered it. Comes with matching saya and box. Please PM with any questions you might...
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    Hello from KY

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    Liege waffles

    I have been away for a while and had not heard such rumors, but I am glad to see you are still here.
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    Liege waffles

    I need to find a cast iron waffle iron!
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    It begins....

    I was getting used to the idea of spring, then it snowed again.
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    what are you drinking tonight?

    Saison Dupont
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    Gerber's Kitchen Knife

    Thanks for posting, that thing gave me a good laugh. :rofl2:
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    14" CCK Watermelon Knife

    I was immediately thinking bread knife as well, just sharpening on a low grit would be close enough to serrated for most uses.
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    Blue patina

    Fine sharpening stone mud works well for removing patina, just gently use a cork to polish with the mud in the direction of the grind marks. I have found the mud to cause no scratching, unlike Bar Keepers Friend or similar cleaners which might cause light scratching. Continual cleaning of the...
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    Hej från Sverige!

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    what are you drinking tonight?

    Neat, I will certainly continue buying more Ommegang.