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  1. stevenStefano

    Me learning basic economics by accident

    Depends on the knifes, but any I've had customised are pretty much priceless to me. They're one-offs, they're in some ways a reflection of myself because I've decided a lot of what makes them
  2. stevenStefano

    My [semi] LEFT-HANDED Knife Kit

    How do you like the 270 Watanabe? I'm guessing it's pretty weighty
  3. stevenStefano

    i still love my German knives.

    On my first ever Chef job the Head Chef had a set of Wusthofs and was showing off how much the set cost. Little did I know a few years later I'd have 1 knife that cost more than al of his put together
  4. stevenStefano

    Gyotu or Sujihiki?

    Sounds like a 270 suji is exactly what you need. A 270 gyuto would also work but it would be pretty tall and give a lot more drag when slicing. It will also cost a bit more than a suji most probably
  5. stevenStefano

    Stone ID Help

    From the colour it sure looks a lot like the Naniwa combo stone
  6. stevenStefano

    I messed up my knives. Help needed!

    For the second one, using a permanent marker on the edge might be useful so you can see each time you sharpen which technique is working and what isn't
  7. stevenStefano

    Change is good, right?

    The first time I bought a 270 gyuto made me realise how much more I preferred them to shorter knives, and after that I never bought another 240
  8. stevenStefano

    The Knives of Yesteryear

    Apologies for digging up an old thread, but I basically stopped posting for about 6 years. Last time I was still around, Delbert Early, Pierre Rodrigue, Mario Ingoglia, BIll Burke, HHH, Devin Thomas, Marko Tsourkan and Will Catcheside were all vendors here. The Carbonext was the new hotness and...
  9. stevenStefano

    Steven's small collection

    Started posting here again after a really long break so I've updated the images. I'm a home cook now so my collection is pretty small. Pictures aren't in order and some are pretty old as I don't have them all at hand Tilman Leder 210 petty/suji Tilman Leder 270 gyuto Tilman handled 270 Konosuke...
  10. stevenStefano

    Finishing grit for thinning?

    I go to 5k. I haven't noticed any food separation issues, and it also looks cool
  11. stevenStefano

    Scratch/Buffing marks on Knife after sharpening?

    I've seen scratches like that when I used a ceramic hone on my knives and was careless, but never from the stones
  12. stevenStefano

    Quest for the perfect in-hand paring knife

    I know Global knives aren't exactly highly regarded round here but I've used a Global parer for years. This is about the only example where the handle design is actually useful, the knife fits in your hand really snugly as the handle is so slender
  13. stevenStefano

    Lobster Spliiter Recommendation

    Anyone else remember Foodie Forums? That's where I started before I found this place
  14. stevenStefano

    Lobster Spliiter Recommendation

    I can't even remember that far back now
  15. stevenStefano

    Which knife has surprised you most?

    I like the Hattori FH a lot. It was one of the first good knives I got and even now it's still one of my favourites. VG10 steel isn't the most popular but I've had a few different ones and this one seems different, it's easier to sharpen and seems to hold an edge for much longer than any other...
  16. stevenStefano

    Lobster Spliiter Recommendation

    March 11 seems to be the very start
  17. stevenStefano

    Should I mirror polish my original DT ITK 270?

    I actually mirror polished mine. Before anyone accuses me of heresy, one of my idiot co-workers somehow scratched it fairly badly and I had already decided to sell it I found it really easy to polish, it really didn't take long and it was the first time I ever did it. Mine was number 5, sold it...
  18. stevenStefano

    Current EU Vendors

    Thanks for all the replies everyone, keep them coming if there's others. To be honest in the unlikely event I ever buy another knife I'll just use JCK and risk the import fees.
  19. stevenStefano

    Right/Left- Handedness with knives

    I'm a lefty and I'd say about 50% of tasks I ever do, are right-handed, but I think swapping knife hands is really tough. Good luck and it's an interesting experiment, but I think there are some tasks that you just can't swap over. I'd just get a lefty yanagiba, I got a lefty kamagata usuba many...
  20. stevenStefano

    Current EU Vendors

    Also finding it interesting how the prices have changed for some knives. I bought a Masamoto KS in 2011 and it cost me $317 shipped from JCK, it would cost about $450 now.