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  1. Citizen Snips

    Suisin INOX wa-petty 210mm

    my favorite knife that i own. wish i had the gyuto as well
  2. Citizen Snips

    knife bag

    this if you are looking for a cheap alternative to a toolbox nothing else like ultimate edge or koobi will come in under budget
  3. Citizen Snips

    update recommended go-to?

    Tojiro DP still for me the others mentioned come a close second but the feel of the tojiro is the easiest to transition to in my opinion, plus its a great knife for the price and for what it is
  4. Citizen Snips

    Boning Knife Adivce

    i would go for a deba for fish, nothing else for other meats, i have a major dislike for hankotsu or honesuki. i prefer a petty as it is much more versatile and i cannot afford nor do i have space in a knife bag for 10 knives. you will get the much needed flex in some petty lines and they...
  5. Citizen Snips

    Any insight on Misono Swedish gyuto

    i had the 270mm suji and let me tell you, ive never had a stinkier or more reactive knife cut great though
  6. Citizen Snips

    Seeking advice on new 2 stone combo...

    i tried this about a year ago and worked it for a few months. i love the idea of using a 4-5k to polish the teeth of a 400-1000k edge. my problem was i was trying to be a minimalist too much. i really feel now that a three stone setup is the way to go. i was using the gesshin 400 and the...
  7. Citizen Snips

    Changing water for the Gesshin stones

    my two non soakers are kitayama and arishiyama
  8. Citizen Snips

    Before and after thread

    the worst part about that yanagi was the fact that its left handed so my typical sharpening that i do with my yanagi got kinda thrown out the window. it was given to him by a chef that he really admired in new york and its pretty old. when we gave it to him, he actually had tears in his eyes...
  9. Citizen Snips

    Before and after thread

    This is a knife that i did my best to restore. i put about 5 hours into it by the end of the project. we stole it from my wife's chef and i fixed it up as his birthday present. the 2 before pictures do not do justice to how bad of shape this knife was in. it was bent, had rust all over, the...
  10. Citizen Snips

    How do you test a new edge?

    i cut stuff i do not think that paper tests or hair tests show everything. they give you just a small piece of what you are looking for. if you are sharpening a straight razor, then shaving arm hair = cutting stuff. if not, it doesn't really give you an accurate test there are different...
  11. Citizen Snips

    Revisiting an old friend :)

    my first knife was also a hiromoto but mine was the AS. i found out a lot about knives and especially how to care for them and sharpen them. i could see what not wiping off a knife would do to the blade but the whole knife didn't suffer. i still love to use this knife from time to time
  12. Citizen Snips

    Pro's, what's on your line?

    it matches up and then some!! it took some time to get the bevel where i wanted it but now that i have it where i like it, it performs beautifully. a side note that may make a difference on why i love that knife so much is that the geometry of the knife itself seems to have been made for my...
  13. Citizen Snips

    Pro's, what's on your line?

    240mm A-type gyuto 210mm Suisin IH wa-petty tojiro scissors leather strop tasting spoons, tweezers, fish scaler, brush
  14. Citizen Snips

    Cleanliness is Next To....

    i always keep mine away from metal as well. i made a sink bridge out of 2x4s and that provides me with flat surfaces if i need them to remove patina or serious sandpaper/fingerstone work
  15. Citizen Snips

    Cleanliness is Next To....

    soap and warm/hot water. i usually only need to use my hands but a damp cloth can go a long way. every so often i use a scrubby pad on the handle and re-apply my oil and homemade wax
  16. Citizen Snips

    Sometimes you just have to go back to fundamental

    this kind of stuff happens to me every few months. i think even though we develop bad habits, realize them, and fix them, others always seem to come up. bad habits to me are not regularly checking your work, not being honest with yourself and lack of humility. anyway, i find that the...
  17. Citizen Snips

    Wooden spoon

    from a professional standpoint (even though my kitchen days are done), i love wooden spoons the problem is if you use them long enough, they become unsanitary. i have gone through quite a few in my career and the second they become misshapen, i throw them out. i saw one guy making risotto...
  18. Citizen Snips

    New Stone

    sorry if this is OT but i play on the fatman, lots of people have left this game but i still have a lot of fun with it
  19. Citizen Snips

    New Stone

    so do you play SWTOR?
  20. Citizen Snips

    Free Wusthof In-Drawer 7-Slot Tray

    received today and works great!! i cannot believe it fits a 300mm yanagi!! thanks again to rick for this