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  1. Amon-Rukh

    Knife Giveaway!

    Wow, what an awesome giveaway! I am definitely in!
  2. Amon-Rukh

    Twin Cermax, Rodrigue

    If you're willing to sell the Cermax knives separately, I would be interested in the 240 Gyuto.
  3. Amon-Rukh

    Happy Birthday Stefan!!

    Herzlichen Glueckwunsch!
  4. Amon-Rukh

    Why did you become obsessed with knives?

    I've always loved knives (and pretty much every other bladed object) since I was little. This was probably enhanced by the fact that my mom was very anti-knife. So not only were they inherently awesome but they were also forbidden fruit. The obsession has been set free now, though is still kept...
  5. Amon-Rukh

    Let's Try This Again

    Is it just me or is it getting hot in here? Love the way the Damascus and the handle compliment each other! Is it snakewood?
  6. Amon-Rukh

    Upgrading from Victorinox for the home (Chef's Knife)

    It seems like the chef/cleaver area is well covered so far, but if you're still considering a paring knife I would recommend one of Del's parers in aeb-l. Awesome little knife!
  7. Amon-Rukh

    Gesshin Uraku 165 Nakiri

    First off, I'd like to apologize to Crothcipt for taking so long to respond and second to the forum for the thread necromancy I'm committing right now. Hopefully it will at least be semi-interesting for people though. I was able to participate in this passaround last year and it was really...
  8. Amon-Rukh

    What is your favorite parering knife?

    I like my old-style Ealy the best. The snubby nose seemed at bit odd at first glance but in practice the knife is just great!
  9. Amon-Rukh

    Clearing out a bunch of stuff

    That Harner looks awesome! Horstator too. Alas, I am rather financially depleted at the moment. :(
  10. Amon-Rukh

    Nakiri length - 165mm or 180mm?

    I have tried both and own a 180, which I like better overall. That said, if you have very limited space, the 165 does have it's advantages.
  11. Amon-Rukh

    Pushing DE Razors on TV

    Skin irritation was the reason I started looking for an alternative to the cartridges. I like straights best but also have a Vie Long I got from Lefty which is quite nice. Encouraged by my enthusiasm, my wife has started using a DE rather than cartridges as well. It's cool that this stuff...
  12. Amon-Rukh

    what are you drinking tonight?

    Gimlets with Pinckney Bend gin.
  13. Amon-Rukh

    WA-HANDLES: Octagon vs D-handles

    I haven't found a d handle that I really like yet. The best was on my zensho nakiri but even thy one got replaced with an octagon whithin a month. I just don't like the way the d protrudes into my hand.
  14. Amon-Rukh

    Any fisherman in the house?

    Looks like good times were had by quite a few people in this thread! I just went fly fishing for the first time a few weeks ago. Didn't catch anything but it was really fun and I can definitely see myself getting in to it! (I'll just ignore the fact that it's another hobby I can't really afford...
  15. Amon-Rukh

    Media ugliest. knife. ever.

    My favorite thing about this knife is that I was reading the description of it on SLT's website to my wife and when I got to the part where they talk about the specially designed "ridge deflector" she just blurted out "What the hell does it deflect, photon torpedoes?" It also seems that Wusthof...
  16. Amon-Rukh

    Gesshin Uraku 165 Nakiri

    Knife is on its way to Todd and should arrive Thursday. I'll post my thoughts on it asap, but for now it was definitely a fun experience--thanks Crothcipt!
  17. Amon-Rukh

    Gesshin Uraku 165 Nakiri

    Knife arrived this afternoon and will be accompanying me to make stirfry in a few minutes!
  18. Amon-Rukh

    Changing profession sale

    Gl with the move and the sale!
  19. Amon-Rukh

    Gesshin Uraku 165 Nakiri

    Cool - looking forward to it!
  20. Amon-Rukh

    The weight of a single feather

    Holy smokes--that was awesome!