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    SOLD Soft, muddy “iromono”

    Dang thats ridiculously priced for the type of knife finisher that every beginner should start with!
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    My Set

    Cool set up!
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    WTS Nakayama Maruichi Asagi

    Wow! Beautiful stone at a very very reasonable price!
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    Kasumi powder - does source matter?

    Cool project! Thanks for sharing! Hope the uchi yields you some cool results too!
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    SOLD Nakayama Tenjou Tomae Ikimuasaki

    And SOLD. Thanks yall!
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    Help transitioning to jnats from Shaptons

    Nice! Hope you enjoy! I really think you'll enjoy the tactile feel with naturals while sharpening compared to the monotone aspect that synthetics tend to offer.
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    Help transitioning to jnats from Shaptons

    +1 on PM to @ethompson. I think he just may have enough stones to let a few go..... 😆 The reason I suggest moving forward in conversation with him is you'll be getting a high quality, and most importantly, fully tested stone which definitely has its advantages as you won't be buying blindly...
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    Why is Mikawa Nagura so expensive?

    Oh nice! I've never gotten in to yahoo auctions but a lot of you guys are convincing me to start looking! Thanks for the share/info. That should help a bunch of people on here in hunting for nagura! I've gotten more and more into razors over the last few years and really love how you can really...
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    Why is Mikawa Nagura so expensive?

    The one with Kan looks much cleaner for sure. Have you bought from that store before? I always take pause when I see vendors selling those tiny, random pieces with no Layer stamp.... they very well could be great and I could be overly paranoid though 😆 I just know there is a lot of fake...
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    Why is Mikawa Nagura so expensive?

    Cool link, thanks for dropping. That would be a prime example of a piece that has the higher concentration of spots and would most likely scratch a blade if sharpened directly on. Here's a piece that's voluminous but not as wide. It clocks in at 501 grams and is Pure betsuju with absence of...
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    Why is Mikawa Nagura so expensive?

    Regarding black spots, they can scratch the blade if sharpened directly on the stone if they're highly concentrated enough..... They don't really effect much if used as nagura on other stones though as less percentage of the nagura is being used.
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    Stones for Masamoto yanagiba?

    Cool progression reccomendations! A koppa sized natural soft suita can cost around the same as a synthetic 8k, which won't offer the type of polishes that naturals will.
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    Why is Mikawa Nagura so expensive?

    Nice knife and beautiful finish! One of the things I personally enjoy when using Nagura is what @ethompson said; the brightness and detailed nature of polishes almost seems to defy logic. That is, it always seems finer/brighter when sharpening on the stone itself as opposed to slurrying...
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    SOLD Ohira Uchigumori Hato catch and release

    Going to go ahead and drop the price a bit on this one so hopefully someone that's interested in uchi can snag it up and save a few bucks. 150$ + Shipping
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    WTB Fingerstones

    If you haven't found any, I've got a good amount of ohira Uchigumori and umajiyama rough stone if interested. Would just need to be lapped/prepared for fingerstones. If you're interested just shoot me a PM and we can work something out that's really affordable!
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    SOLD Ohira Uchigumori Hato catch and release

    Up for sale is a nice thick, silky soft Uchigumori Hato from Ohira. It's a catch and release that just has too much overlap of soft, muddy Kasumi stones I have ATM. This stone will be great for a polisher that's going for a super dark Jigane and nice contrasting Kasumi. If mud is allowed to dry...