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  1. timebard

    Unpopular opinions

    You're not wrong, but Fahrenheit is a clearly superior system for describing weather. 0 = effing cold, 100 = effing hot, ten degree increments correspond to about how fine-grained people's intuitive perception of comfort is. If you're off the scale in either direction, go inside and try again...
  2. timebard

    SOLD Kippington (SOLD) & Dalman/Birgersson (SOLD)

    Two outstanding cutters right here!
  3. timebard

    The no-petty-club

    Spåre 285 Ashi 270 Wat Pro 270 (perpetually handleless) HVB 250 The Watanabe is really all I need for big knives but gotta mix it up sometimes...
  4. timebard

    Show your newest knife buy

    Spåre 285 sujihiki, thanks @BillHanna! Has some nice heft compared to my Ashi suji.
  5. timebard

    Knife findings

    Nice deal but short heel...
  6. timebard

    Raquin nakiri passaround (US only)

    Alright, I've put it through several meal preps and a bunch of mirepoix for stock so it's time to write up my thoughts. To put my cards on the table, my expectation going in was that it would cut reasonably well on short/soft product but have significant wedging issues, which is typically a...
  7. timebard

    What cuts better than a Denka?

    I can also compare to Shihan but not Denka (though I did have a Maboroshi a while back) - I'd second Kippington and add Konosuke MM, Wat Pro ironclad, and Dalman x Birgersson gyutos all ahead of it as pure cutters. Kipp is the only one of those that's stainless (and I think most of his current...
  8. timebard

    SOLD Snakes Sells some pretty sweet knives for cheap

    I made the mistake of pulling this up and eyeing the Harner with my wife next to me: Her: *glances over* "Are you looking at more knives we don't need?" Me: "Yeah... but they're a really good deal!" Her: "You know what else is a good deal?" *opens my knife drawer* "All of these!! They cost zero...
  9. timebard

    Daily Knife Pics. Any Knife. Join In!

    Current gyuto lineup: Prendergast, FKM, Shihan, Kono MM, RDG, Dalman/BB, Kippington, HVB, Watanabe (I swear I'll put a handle on it someday...)
  10. timebard

    Spare no knife! Show your Spåre!

    Thanks, this is helpful. I also had one of the OG MCX x Spåre honyaki and liked it a lot, and now have his MCX bunka - I feel similarly that it's a small but noticable step up in refinement performance wise. Sounds like I could expect the same from the AU version... also that stacked birch...
  11. timebard

    SOLD Shi.Han 210 AEB-L gyuto

    I just got a slightly longer one of these and it's such a great daily driver. Shihan's AEB-L doesn't get talked about quite as much as his 52100, A2 etc but if I had to keep one knife from my collection to do absolutely everything this would be it...
  12. timebard

    Spare no knife! Show your Spåre!

    This one's a monosteel right? How do you like it? I was bummed to have missed that drop.
  13. timebard

    Raquin nakiri passaround (US only)

    Received the Raquin today and put it to use doing quick prep for some potato leek soup. Performed quite respectably with notably good release. The handle is very nicely done as well. Will post some more thoughts when I've had more time with it.
  14. timebard

    Show your newest knife buy

    A new acquisition from the New Mexico prefecture:
  15. timebard

    Daily Knife Pics. Any Knife. Join In!

    Yep, FM in blue 2. Awesome cutter, great piece of craftsmanship, a little heavier than I prefer - I think something in the 350-400g range is more my sweet spot for cleavers. Still a ton of fun though!
  16. timebard

    Majime lost my business for life

    Definitely copyright as well though, see Disney going after random fanfic writers for using their characters.
  17. timebard

    Unpopular opinions

    Sounds interesting, thanks for the recommendation!
  18. timebard


  19. timebard

    Daily Knife Pics. Any Knife. Join In!

    Fujiyama #6
  20. timebard

    SOLD Mazaki 240 (2019 w2 cleancut)

    Just reread the post title, clearly reading ain't my strong suit today... Point stands that they were a solid version, if this is your profile it's a nice package! GLWS.