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  1. tag98

    How to sharpen weird serrated Shun

    Low grit stone to remove the teeth and turn into a normal double bevel knife? Belt sander if you have one and are confident with it?
  2. tag98

    Dogs of KKF

    This is my blue heeler lilo!
  3. tag98

    Everything Isamitsu

    Very much looking forward to your thoughts on these knives and how they compare to tf aswell as moritaka! How did you find dealing with them to custom spec a knife for you?
  4. tag98

    Show your newest knife buy

    As of now the plan is to clean up the bevels and leave the ku finish That said I do own a 210 mabs that another member previously did a full Kasumi style finish on that I may try and emulate on this knife, first order of buisness is getting it working how I like then I’ll worry about what it...
  5. tag98

    Show your newest knife buy

    After a trip across the ocean only to arrive on the first week of a three week work trip I was finally able to get my hands on my newest tf addition today! Many thanks to @miggus for being so good to work with! Looking forward to putting an edge on this and trying it out to see what I do and...
  6. tag98

    Show your newest knife buy

    Those are some excellent looking short ribs sir! Definetely one of my favourite things to make Esspecially this time of year!
  7. tag98

    SOLD TF nashiji santoku 165 mm

    Why are all the good deals in the states when I live in Canada!
  8. tag98

    Knife findings

    Forsure, based on the 2 blade only option he has left from the original ones it puts it at a roughly 50 percent price increase, that would put the 240 with a handle some where in the arena of 1200 usd depending on the handle. That said this is purely speculation on my part based on the other...
  9. tag98

    Knife findings

    I totally forgot I had the site set in cad, that’s my bad
  10. tag98

    Knife findings

    Good catch, I have edited my reply lol
  11. tag98

    Knife findings

    If these 210s are going this fast the 240s are going to be a fight forsure
  12. tag98

    Knife findings

    1100$, which between the full regrind and custom handle is a good price 1100 cad so 800 usd, my apologies
  13. tag98

    Knife findings

    Looks like another one of the iron clad denkas is going up tmmrw
  14. tag98

    Hinoki Cutting Board Needs Some Flattening... :)

    Find a local cabinet maker or wood worker and ask them to run it through thier planer for you, most will do it for next to nothing if you ask nicely
  15. tag98

    Show your newest knife buy

    Oh man that is definetely on the rough side even by tf standards. I will say the scratches look consistant with overgrinds on a couple i own. Ive seen ones with ku damage out of the box but never had one personally. That said this is definetely in rough shape even by tf standards. Id give the...
  16. tag98

    Which 165 Nakiri?

    Ive seen those pop up a few times, so they are indeed tfs?
  17. tag98

    Teruyasu Fujiwara personnel change?

    Oh good another tf I need to buy to appease the collector in me 😂😂 Those look unreal and based on how my 240 from the first collab cuts im definetely gonna need to keep my eyes open for those
  18. tag98

    Teruyasu Fujiwara personnel change?

    Im in for at least 2
  19. tag98

    Is this a fujiwara denka?

    I was going to offer to double your money!! 🤣🤣
  20. tag98

    Teruyasu Fujiwara personnel change?

    Reminded me of the ones you’ve put in the morihei tfs you’ve done up, im a big fan of it compared to the traditional tf one