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    WTT Dalman 240 western honyaki

    @daddy yo yo
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    WTS Kato 240 KU Gyuto BNIB

    cool knife. Glws!
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    Iron San-Mai or Honyaki for Gyuto?

    The reason I am asking this is because I've noticed that some knife makers take the hamon all the way down towards the edge while the top honyaki smiths in japan only do a slim hamon on the spine to ensure the blade flexibility. I only wonder how much hard steel you are getting if the hamon is...
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    Iron San-Mai or Honyaki for Gyuto?

    In my mind the hamon line defines the boundary between soft and hard. But is there a transition in hardness as you go closer or further from the hamon? What i mean is if the hardness of the steel in the 1st cm from the hamon the same as the hardness of the edge?
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    Kiyoshi Kato 240 Standard Gyuto Passaround

    Yes that might be the case.
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    Kiyoshi Kato 240 Standard Gyuto Passaround

    Strangely the cracks don't show in the initial photos with the spine the Op posted. Cracks that large are hard to miss.
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    Unpopular opinions

    The Kramer Zwilling 51200 10 inch chef knife once thinned is just as good if not better than any of my knives. It cuts like a charm, that profile is good with pull or push cuts and its more versatile than the traditional japanese gyuto profile. The steel is very cool: shaving sharp after two...
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    Shig. Kasumi DIY

    I would ask you all what makes a knife a shigefusa? The autograph? Or the whole package? When we radically change the profile or geometry of a knife, my opinion is that knife stops being the original maker's knife right there and then; and becomes John Doe's knife with a master's signature on...
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    Fake Ashi Honyaki Sold

    Guys most of the bids are staged They have someone bidding to entice the naive bidders and raise the price artificially. So they either fooled someone in believing that it was a desired piece or they bid for it themselves and the knife will show up on the auction again. This is the second time...
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    Fake Ashi Honyaki Sold

    Another two fake Ashi from the same line popped up in 240 and 270. I think they wanted to sell the 210 hoping to make the crowd go wild, and then introduce the 240 and lastly the 270 to maximize the sales. Now they just put all the knives on the table for prices in the 3k usd range.
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    How would you choose a grail general purpose knife for your personal home cooking?

    Kato is not a prize or something to buy thinking to get money. I wanted to say this for a long time. You want to make money just buy stocks. Tesla stock were 500$ begining of year now they tripled value( although they were close to 1800 last week). You buy knives to use and enjoy a piece of...
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    Shihan knives

    Very good feedback so far. Thank you all for sharing. I will definitely buy one.
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    Shihan knives

    I've recently seen a Shihan 245/56 monosteel 52100 with a bit of ku finish at the spine. Very nice profile and grind from the pictures. Can any of the owners tell me something about the knife. How is the geometry the HT, edge retention etc... I might pick one to try it out and want to know what...
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    Show your newest knife buy

    Shiraki (with a twist)
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    Want to get into Natural stones

    Why do you want a jnat? What would you use if for? The best dictionary for understanding types of japanes stones , is this: Reading this blog, you will understand what the fancy names mean: that a stone came...
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    Edge losing tooth but can't pop hairs? Over polishing

    your problem might be excessive preasure and rolling of the edge. Keep your muscles relaxed and dont clench you holding hand on the knife. Clenching will produce fatigue and you will start to wobble. Higher grit stones are for polishing/refining the edge, so try to keep you preasure to a...
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    Knife edge won't last after sharpening

    Depends on the angle he sharps his knife at, the steel hardness and very important what cutting board he uses. In Japan it is common to use a microbevel for edge retention, if the knife is very thin at the edge. Just check out some videos on how to put on a microbevel. Also try to use end grain...
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    Fake Ashi Honyaki Sold

    Yes. What the buyers don't really know is that they pay 2800$ for a yanagiba which the 2ndry market seller bought for 130k yen from a local store. Or some pay 1500$ for a gyuto in a paulonia box. Same knife is purchased for 60k yen ( aprox 559$) and the box (some wood and black ink) and japanese...
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    Fake Ashi Honyaki Sold

    Not really. There have been some genuine ashi 240 going for 2700$-ish as well as some 210 for 2500$. For a rare knife I've seen at least 4 being sold since last autumn (2x 240 and 2x210). Not on BST