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    Information on "mainstream" high end Japanese brands such as Takeshi Saji and Sakai Takayuki?

    No Chop explained it pretty well. No much distal taper, thick grind, combined with being thick behind the edge. I think some mass produced knives might perform better. Another example is Doi gyuto. As famous as Doi family, the grind of their recent gyutos make me wonder if they know we cut root...
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    Information on "mainstream" high end Japanese brands such as Takeshi Saji and Sakai Takayuki?

    Sakai Takayuki has solid reputation for high end single bevel knives, but this forum is more about gyutos (especially 240 for good reason). Yamawaki Hamono being another example. Suisin wouldn’t draw as much attention if they didn’t make that great honyaki laser gyuto. Masamoto is being talked...
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    Which is the best laser?

    I’ve owned a 240 Tad white 2, a 240 Shibata AS, a 240 Shibata R2, a 240 Kono GS+, and a 170 Takamura R2 Santoku. I like CCK 1303 as a laser than all of these. It has the lower 3-4 cm as thin as any laser if not thinner, and the upper 4-5 cm adding some weight to further help cutting. The overall...
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    Continous curve gyuto in SLD/SKD?

    Yea...that K&S Yoshi SKD was one of my best cutters. Having to let it go due to the profile made me sad.
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    Continous curve gyuto in SLD/SKD?

    I sold my yoshi SKD for it being too flat. Not sure why that profile is preferred by Yoshi and his apprentices. I tried push cut, pull cut, fast chopping, and rocking. I feel like none of them benefits from the absolute flat spot. A little subtle curve would allow my wrist to be more relaxed. Am...
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    Iron San-Mai or Honyaki for Gyuto?

    I have 2 honyakis, a few monosteel knives, and some san-mai knives. If I have to choose one for performance, I'd choose the one with better geometry and profile. The edge retention of honyakis is not noticeably better than my other knives in the same type of steel. The board feedback is indeed...
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    Ordering directly from Japan in current climate

    I ordered a denka directly from TF in June and yes they are charging ridiculous 7,000 yen for the DHL, so I’m just waiting until Japan post starts to ship to US. I’m not saying 7000 cannot be justified. It just reminds me of Apple putting a 5v1A charger in the box of a $1,000+ phone.
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    Naniwa Professional (fka Chosera) vs Superstone (5000grit)

    Curious to know how’s your chosera 800 now? Mine is the real chosera series 800 and it starts to crack recently. I’d like to know the result of your efforts so that I know if it’s worth trying.
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    SOLD Shapton Glass 2k & 6k

    Sold. Thank you everything and KKF.
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    Unpopular opinions

    CCK 1303 is a better laser than Shibata R2/AS, Tadatsuna White2, and Takamura R2 I’ve owned...maybe better than all gyuto lasers out there.
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    SOLD Shapton Glass 2k & 6k

    One and only price drop to $115.
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    SOLD Shapton Glass 2k & 6k

    Both were lightly used. The 6k was used for 2-3 times. The 2k was used for 4-5 times. The thickness of the stone part of both are almost 8 mm while the 6k is very very slightly thicker (I think they might come in this way but not sure). I’m asking for $130 all inclusive CONUS.
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    My favorite color is BLUE!.............A patina thread.

    255 Shiraki Mt Fuji White 2 after 2 meals.
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    Investment or hype?

    It was sold at $29,750. Thought it’s gonna be higher as this one is special and for charity.
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    SOLD Shibata Kotetsu R2 Gyuto 240mm

    Sold. Thank you everyone!
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    SOLD Shibata Kotetsu R2 Gyuto 240mm

    One last price drop to $275. It includes a saya so it’s 20% off market price.