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    Are any of the new "social" brands of knives decent quality?

    T The short answer is yes and they are fantastic knives.
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    WTB WTB/WTT Kato 270 Gyuto

    Give it a couple days 😜
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    Good luck with the search, I have had a couple those are amazing knives.
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    WTB Petty and Deba

    I have a 210 Deba if you are interested DM
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    WTS Kagekiyo Tanaka Heiji

    Awesome knives GLWS
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    SOLD Takamura HSPS Pro (Petty + Gyuto + Sujihiki)

    Fantastic knives, love the pro takamura like it’s an amazing cutter and very easy to maintain
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    So I started collecting, my first Shigefusa

    If you are a lefty I suppose every single bevel will, shigefusa is definitely one to have.
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    Knife findings

    shigefusa lite 🐡 fugu 270
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    WTS 240mm Gesshin Ittetsu shirogami 2 honyaki sujihiki

    Perfect size for the family pack
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    Knife findings
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    WTS Gesshin Ittetsu 270 Honyaki Sujihiki

    Just to clarify, I have sent the first PM to make sure that @Gregmega gets the knife, and ill take it anyway and send it to him if he didnt already. @krx927
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    WTS Gesshin Ittetsu 270 Honyaki Sujihiki

    @Gregmega is looking for this knife pm sent I’ll take it
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    WTB WTB/WTT Kato 270 Gyuto

    Hopefully one Day after all this madness, you can come to NYC visit the 270 Kato and cut some stuff
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    WTS Genkai Masakuni gyuto

    Are you interested in trades at all? I have a set of 6 Kato butter knife with a box and certificate
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    Withdrawn Kato Gyuto 270 mm

    about the same price of a kato 270, for a healthy sack lol
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    Withdrawn Kato Gyuto 270 mm

    l will sell your ballsack to science before I sell my Kato 270 you Clown 🤡