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    Nenox S1 210mm Gyuto

    Selling a gently used Nenox S1 210mm gyuto with an ironwood handle. Bought new from member Customfan about three years ago and used minimally since. Will ship with box and saya (though the saya pin is missing). Asking $300 shipped and paypaled within the CONUS. Cannot for the...
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    heldentenor's knives

    Here's my small collection, which began when I dropped a Henckels Four Star onto a parking lot and snapped it in half, prompting me to find the old knife forums and then to land here. Everyday Knives (also known as "girlfriend knives"): (Henckels Cermax 8 inch gyuto and 5 inch petty...
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    Inaka on Chef's Table

    Was wasting time at work watching "Chef's Table" on Netflix. The episode on Niki Nakayama at Inaka seemed to feature a lot of JKI stuff--is she a customer? If so, it looks like Jon's putting tools in the hands of yet another very talented chef!
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    Twin Cities/Central MN gathering

    Hi folks, I've noticed at least four members who hail from the Twin Cities and a few more from other parts of the state. Anyone interested in a gathering, perhaps in late January once the holidays have past? I'll admit to multiple motives for this--we still need recipes for the KKF...
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    The KKF Cookbook Thread

    Alright, guys and gals-- It looks like we have enough interest to make this work. I've taken a look at Blurb as a way to produce this, and I think we can make it work. Here's a rough outline of what I envision happening. 1) We will make a book as a forum. This will not be my project...
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    KKF Cookbook

    After browsing the "What's Cooking" thread and drooling repeatedly, it seems like we've got a wealth of talented cooks here. Would anyone be interested in assembling a KKF cookbook? Nothing too official, just dishes we like with pictures, ingredient lists and rough proportions (unless a pro...
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    Has Konosuke Stopped Accepting Direct Orders from International Customers?

    A quick run of the text at the following link leads me to believe so, but I can't read Japanese. Can anyone confirm this? Was I under a rock?
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    Happy International Sushi Day!

    Youtube informs me that today is International Sushi Day. I think this calls for: a) pics/videos from those of you who work in sushi restaurants or prepare it often at home. b) a hefty discount from Jon, Maksim, and Mari on their respective single-bevel knives.
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    Marko Tsourkan 225mm. Sujihiki "Practice Knife" Initial Review

    I received this knife about 10 days ago from Marko. While I do not have exact measurements, it is a 225mm sujihiki with an ebony handle, black buffalo horn ferrule, and nickel silver spacer. The profile as Marko designed it allows the knife to do the work of a short slicer as well as a long...
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    Yanagi Recommendation $200 or under

    I've yet to make a foray into traditional Japanese single-beveled knives, but I think that's my next step. As much as I've drooled over the beautiful $1000 blades that some of the forum members possess, I'm neither rich enough nor skilled enough to use anything of that caliber. People have...
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    Heldentenor's Humble Knives

    This is a quick pic taken from a SmartPhone, which does strange things with the focus and the colors. I've got a better one that I'll upload shortly. The lineup, left to right: Hiromoto AS 240mm. with Dave Martell handle in quilted maple Henckels Cermax 8 inch chef's knife Global G-18...