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    WTT Marko 230mm Gyuto with Saya - 52100, bog oak

    Looking for a trade(with commiserating cash up or down) for this beauty of a Marko Gyuto with Flamed Maple Saya. I bought this about 9 months ago from another forum memebr and have used it very sparingly. I have 5 other gyutos within 5mm, two of which are Markos. Looking to diversify; the...
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    WTS Murray Carter white #1 sanmai 150mm petty

    Selling carter 150mm stainless clad San mai petty. The core steel is Murray Carter’s white #1. It has a pakka wood handle and stainless rivets. Good profile. Great line knife. Gets crazy sharp. 150mm heel to tip 30mm height at the heel 2mm thick at heel <1mm thick 1cm to tip Asking...
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    WTS Ginrei 150mm 52100 san mai petty

    Selling a great knife. 52100 core steel, stainless sanmai cladding. 50/50 grind. Pretty thin behind the edge, and relatively thick at the spine. Rigid, very little to no flex. Nice and smooth Ho octagonal handle...
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    SOLD 210mm Kato standard gyuto 240mm shigefusa gyuto

    Selling a bnib 210mm kato with magnolia d handle. Never used, bought with the best intentions, but taking a small break from collectings knives, and priorities $ are changing... for sale $750 shipped in the us. Specs 205g 46mm tall 212mm heel to tip 6mm spine at handle Selling a 240mm...
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    Custom Kato workhorse

    Up for sale is my beloved kato workhorse. Swoon. It has been sharpened a few times. Most recently, it was slightly thinned, sharpened and refinished by Jon at JKI. Unused since then, it is in "better than new" condition. Seriously, Jon is amazing. I would not sell, but a baby on the way...
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    Bloodroot, Gesshin Kagekiyo, Gengetsu, Masayuki, Goko, Carter, Takeda

    So I am thinning the herd... Bloodroot 7" boning knife. African Blackwood, rubber and ceramic spacers, Integral bolster. HRC 62. Comes with saya. no need to tout this brand as a performer. it is as good as boning knife gets. asking what i paid, $480 shipped Gesshin Kageyiko 270mm...
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    western handled shigefusa

    Ok, time to try again... i am looking for a western handled shigefusa. I am open to all double beveled blade types: gyuto, sujihiki, or petty. I do have some pretty cool stuff I am willing to trade, including a rehandled kato workhorse with custom saya, both circasian walnut, a 270mm white...
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    Western Shigefusa Gyuto

    Long shot, I am looking for a lightly used 240 or 210mm western shig gyuto. I have some trade bait, but willing to pay cash... let me know Thanks Michael
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    Marko Chevron Gyuto

    I bought this by accident from a forum member - thinking I was buying a different knife at the same price - simple weird misunderstanding - now it seems to be easier to sell/trade it. And it is as beautiful as a knife gets... seriously gorgeous, but also not what im looking for. So, here it...
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    Delbert Ealy 210mm Line knife. O1. Bog oak. $280

    Hey Selling a 210mm, "thin stock". O1 steel. Little flex, just the first 2 inches near the tip, barely. very cool knife. THe knife has been thinned a bit behind the edge. But has been used very little. It has a patina, but I will remove and give it a like new finish, if youd like. I will...
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    270mm or 300mm sujihiki

    I have a 5 year old , worked out 270mm(probably closer to 240mm now) Kanemesa suji I am thinking to replace... and i was considering jumping up to a 300mm. This is one of my work knives - to be used on large proteins, raw and cooked.. I am curious, what kind of preferences linger out there...
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    Anyone know Kougetsu White Steel knives?

    Has anyone heard of or used these Kougetsu knives before? they are available on ebay and a couple other knife shops I havent used. They are western handled, seemingly one piece forged white steel, and have nice profiles/aestethic.
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    Devin Thomas ITK 240mm gyuto

    I bought this in the most recent batch. I have not used it, but to cut an onion. No patina whatsoever yet. It has a coco bolo handle, the steel is 52100. It is a beautiful knife, great profile, good weight - just isn't going to replace my shigefusa in my kit. I'm very partial to d handles...
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    Re heat treatment on vintage knives

    Is it possible to do a fresh "re heat" treatment on say vintage carbon steel knives, to increase edge retention, raise hrc?
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    WTB/T: Western handled Hon Kasumi Shigefusa Gyuto

    I know it is a long shot, but I am looking for a 240mm western handled hon kasumi Gyuto... I would buy it, but I also have a bunch of things most people would be interested in: A D Handled Shig 240mm gyuto with a very nice custom saya, a few carters with sayas, and a bog oak rehandled n a re...
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    WTB/T: 180+ western handled carbon petty

    I am looking for a 180mm to 210mm Petty, ideally it would be western or hybrid handle and the blade would be mono steel white #1. Now, I am also fairly certain that knife does not exist, so if you have a cool carbon petty in that size range you want to sell, I could be into it. I also have...
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    Shigefusa forced patina

    Has anyone done this method to force a patina? I am plan to do this to Shig Gyuto... How long do you leave the coats of acid before the wipe? And how many times do you do it? http://***********************/2011/01/forcing-patina-on-shigefusa-240-kasumi.html
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    D handle advice

    So, I'd like to try my hand at a d style for the first time. To this point, I be only done western rehandles, and I much prefer the d handle to octagon. So my though was to glue and clamp my handle pieces, then carve it to shape with a chisel. Then sand to shape on a disc sander, finish...
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    Brand new Murray Carter Narrow Funayuki 5.4 sun, 163mm Petty

    This was an impuse buy - during murray's 15% off sale - now it is an impulse sale... It is a very sweet knife - uniques profile for carter - kindof a straight up petty - but simply does not have a space in my bag these days(i have several cheaper ones)... I have not this knife at all - it is...
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    WTB: Shigefusa Hon Kasumi Gyuto

    I am interested in a 240mm Shigefusa Gyuto... and gosh darnit, im tired of waiting for everyone to get re stocked. let me know if anyone out there is simply sitting on too many knives and wants to part with one. thanks.