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    WTS Marko Tsourkan knife mag strip (#2)

    After selling my new Tsourkan mag strip, I've decided to sell my other strip, too. It is very lightly used, for a month, and is still in great condition. The wood is cherry, and the back side measures 25 7/8" long, 2 7/8 tall, 1 1/8 thick. The faceplate measures 24 11/16 x 1 7/8. There are three...
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    SOLD Marko Tsourkan knife mag strip

    I purchased this knife strip from Marko but moved soon afterwards and never had room to install it, so its brand new. The wood is cherry, and it measures 25 6/8" long, 2 7/8 tall, 1 3/16 thick. Not trying to make a profit---I'm selling for less than I paid for it; $160+$25 s/h. I'll happily...
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    Mag strip strength?

    I just purchased a new wall-mounted mag strip. Before hanging it, I tested it by putting a few heavy-ish/long-ish knives on it; they held securely, but it was easy to spin them in place by gently nudging the knife's top or bottom. Furthermore, knives exhibit a tendency to spin toward a...
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    Anyone tried VMatter knives?

    Has anyone tried VMatter knives yet? Seems like a decent review from the kitchenboy blog.
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    Cloth/sponge/brush to wash knives?

    Basic question, but after searching past posts, I couldn't find an answer. What do you use to wash your knife? I've always used a dish cloth, but the edges of the knife always get caught in the cloth and rip it apart; washing the blade edge also requires a lot of diligence. Are there...
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    What cloth comes with Watanabe knives?

    Thanks to everyone who helped me pick out my first real knife---I finally settled on a 240 carbon gyuto and 150 ss-clad petty from Watanabe-san. They arrived in the mail today, and I can't wait to make dinner with them...but there was a long rectangular cloth in the package as well. I'm...
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    Why kurouchi stainless-clad?

    If the main purpose of kurouchi is to create a barrier to protect the inner steel by retarding rust and limiting reactivity, why would a carbon knife also be stainless-clad? Wouldn't the stainless cladding by itself be sufficient protection? Why would a knife need both?
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    How would you customize a Watanabe gyuto?

    I'm considering ordering a 240 Watanabe gyuto from the source. Some forum members have mentioned his blades are generally, given the option, how would y'all change the knife for optimal home general use?
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    Watanabe pro or Tanaka b2 240 gyuto

    I'm hoping to find a blade with decent f+f (maybe even a Tanaka from k+s?) Preferably something that hasn't been used too much. Help me find my first really good workhorse! :-)
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    Time for my first gyuto!

    I've looked through previous knive advice requests, but couldn't find a previous thread that matched my crieria, so here we go.... LOCATION U.S. KNIFE TYPE Gyuto Are you right or left handed? Right Are you interested in a Western handle (e.g., classic Wusthof handle) or Japanese...
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    Kenji redeeming himself?

    I think many people disagreed with kenji's position on the misen kick-started project, but his influence with rank-and-file home cooks is hard to deny. He's just posted a nice list of ways to properly treat knives. Maybe some folks will be nudged into checking out better knives, too...
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    Difference in vintage sabs?

    I'm a history freak, and I'm falling for the story given for vintage sabs from However, I don't know enough to tell a real difference between their NOS carbon sabs and their nogent sabs...
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    What price range for quality beginner stones?

    From the posts I've read, many people (including Dave Martell) prefer a sharpening set including a Beston 500x, a Bester 1200x, and a Suehiro Rika 5k. What are the normal prices of these stones? I've seen them for sale at a few different retailers. Do water stones like these ever go on sale? Or...
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    First cleaver---cck or no-name?

    LOCATION: u.s. KNIFE TYPE: cleaver Are you right or left handed? Right Are you interested in a Western handle (e.g., classic Wusthof handle) or Japanese handle? I don't really know. What length of knife (blade) are you interested in (in inches or millimeters)? Maybe 8"? Do you...
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    Help me understand main-line brands and their steels

    After growing up with no experience in the kitchen, I started trying to cook well a year ago. I wanted a good knife, and I did a bit of research and it seemed that japanese knives had some advantages over western knives, so I handled a few knives at Williams Sonoma (the only cookware store in...