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    Masakage Yuki 210mm Gyuto sharpening problem

    Hi guys, I'm fairly new here and experience what lots of other threads mention. I've received the Yuki about 2 weeks ago, and it had an underwhelming edge to say the least, comparing it to the OOTB edge on an also new, month old Konosuke Sanjo YSM 210 Gyuto is night and day. The Konosuke was...
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    Flattening and prepping a Kitayama 8k

    Hi guys, Sorry for double threading here as I've seen a couple of similar results in the forum search but most talk about Jnat. I think I'm killing the edges after working on my Kitayama 8k, I think the middle of the stone is dished and the edges just make my final edge a micro serrated bread...
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    First real post :)

    Hi guys, So I've figured if I'm always reading threads I might as well just sign up and be active. So I really wanna ask lots of questions but I'll start off with one that I haven't been able to find the answer to... For me, the hardest part of sharpening is deburring, I just never seem to get...
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    Greetings from Israel

    So after reading the forum rules I just thought I'd make this a first introduction post instead of just shooting questions in a random first post. So greetings to all knife geeks out there, my name's Rotem and I'm from Israel. I'm doing DevOps in a start up company dealing with insights on...