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    Knife findings

    not anymore. shig still up
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    Knife findings

    no is available
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    WTS Single bevel collection sale!

    @Mattias504 I sent you a PM
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    SOLD Shinko Kurokumo R2 Damascus 270mm

    I have the 240 version. It accompanied me for a couple of years in the kitchen. Very good performer and good looking. Good luck
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    SOLD Jiro 240mm #12 Gyuto

    I own already few Jiros and I am tempted. Great opportunity everyone!
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    Why tall knives?

    Can you explain what is a thin grind? You mean not much convexity?
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    Why tall knives?

    My first Japanese knife was a Mcusta and it was longer than 240mm and slightly shorter than 50mm. Obviously I adapted in using shorter blades because of that, and to me 47mm to 50mm feels like normal. Right now my everyday gyuto is a 240 wide bevel konosuke ginsan 47mm tall. It might be because...
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    SOLD Catcheside, Toyama, Masashi SLD, Suisin Inox Honyaki

    Nice Toyama, used to be mine and I miss it. I remember you paid 350usd for it +50usd shipping from Australia. Good luck mate, very good knife.
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    Show your newest knife buy

    @tchan001 very beautiful! CKTG is getting some, I can't wait to grab one!
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    WTT Masakage Koishi 240, Mallee Burl Handle and K&S Saya

    Good price mate, and good blade. Where are you in Australia?
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    If Ashi Ginga (Honyaki) wanted a fresh edge

    Lovely knife Tom!
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    SOLD Kato 210 WH

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    SOLD Kato 210 WH

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    SOLD Kato 210 WH

    This is an old one from JNS, the chestnut handle is the one who fits best my hand so I am afraid I am going to keep it. The knife has been used, I put an average kasumi finish on it, has been sharpened but it is still in good conditions - in my opinion. If you are a collector don't buy this, if...
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    SOLD Tsubaya Tanaka 240

    @Andreu and @nakneker , these two guys are a couple basically :P
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    Takada no Hamono

    I understand, so now, is either Yoshikazu Tanaka or Nakagawa the blacksmith?
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    Takada no Hamono

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    Takada no Hamono

    Description of Hitohira says Shiraki Blacksmith and not Shiraki Hamono though. Also, 1 year ago, Takada said on Instagram the blades are forged by Mr. Shiraki.