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    WTS Naniwa Professional set (400/1000/3000) with holder

    Getting rid of this set - Naniwa Professional 400 19mm left, almost never used - Naniwa Professional 1000 9mm left - Naniwa Professional 3000 19mm left, almost never used - Universal stone holder - Naniwa Dressing stone - naniwa cleaning stone (stnthetic "nagura") Price : ..........$225.00...
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    Lapping through a cracked Naniwa

    So I have a Naniwa Traditional 8000 (supposedly the new Snow White...that is another story). It has been severly cracked since it was forgotten in a perma soak tub for 2 days. I left it in storage for a few years but now I'm wondering if it is worth to lap through the cracks. When I look from...
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    600 grit Naniwa dressing stone

    Was wondering if anyone use this dressing stone, like a synthetic nagura without rinsing the mud after. What I noticed with the Naniwa Pro and chosera is that the mud raised with it is the same color as the sharpening stone and doesn’t feel to rough. So do you keep the mud or rinse it. With...
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    Flattening very coarse stones (under 400 grit)

    I have a question that may seem weird but do you flatten you very coarse stones with a diamond plate or with something esle ? I have an Imanishi 220 pink brick and a King Deluxe 300 that I usually flatten with 60 grit SiC and a Naniwa dressing stone because I’m unsure if the diamond plate will...
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    Bester 4000

    Someone here ever used the Bester 4000 stone ? There is not a lot of information about this stone. I remember Bryan Raquin seems to really like it for wide bevels before finishers. How is the hardness, speed, finish left. From what I have read it is splash and go.
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    Naniwa’s cheap flattening method

    This post won't get a lot of replies but I just want to share it because some questions pop up from time to time about this. A while ago after wearing out a diamond plate (CKTG cheap one) I bought a Naniwa truing stone and Chosera Nagura, total spent around 50 CAD. I must say that I'm quite...
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    Misono Swedish

    I'm in the market for a new knife. What I'm interested in is a 195 to 210 mm monosteel carbon, something not overly brittle. I have experience with carbon from 2 K-Sabatier chef. I'm buying from Canada and I'm a home cook. I always seem to get back to the Misono Swedish. I like the...
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    What is up with Shapton Glass

    Some vendors from Japan don't sell them anymore saying they are discontinued. The Shapton website is down, their YouTube channel is removed and some vendors in North America are having back order issues. Someone here knows if they are discontinued for good ? Discuss.
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    Making sense of splash & go set-up

    I'm currently going away from my soaking stone set-up (all permasoaked ; pink brick 220 + king 1200x + rika 5k), I already have a king 300, Shapton glass 500, Naniwa Pro 1k and Naniwa traiditional 8k ("new" snow white). I also have a Super Stone 5000 but almost never use it, it finishes finer...
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    Hi - First post

    Hi everyone, I'm new here, my name is Phil I'm from Canada. I've been reading these forums a lot and practicaly learned to sharpen here. I'm not a professional cook but I love knives and sharpening (and cooking obviously but I think I like sharpening more...) Lately I have been...