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  1. Gjackson98

    Best wood/material for kitchen knife handles and why

    Same question as topic. What do you think is the best wood or material to be used for kitchen knife handles and why? I have been trying different type of wood and materials to make knife handles; some looks fancy but the grip is just not there. Will love to get some feedback from both Pro...
  2. Gjackson98

    How to fix a warped cutting board

    Same as title, my current board is warped a bit. I was wondering if there is any good/ stander way to fix it. Please share!
  3. Gjackson98

    WTS Kippington, Toyama, Munetoshi, Shiraki and another Shiraki!

    Up for your consideration (prices include shipping CONUS; international buyers we can talk): 1. Kippington 240mm Laser Honyaki gyuto (sold) The condition of the blade: Lightly used in home environment, used it to prepared a few meals, sharpened it 2 or 3 times and thinned just a hair bit...
  4. Gjackson98

    Beginner hiking & camping advice

    First of all, it's not for survival type of camping environment, just the wife, myself and the dog hiking around and find somewhere outdoor with a good view to spend the weekend and try not to get eaten by wild animals. My wife and I only had 1 camping experience before and that was terrible...
  5. Gjackson98

    Name that one most underrated knife

    Name one underrated knife from a maker that never received the recognition as it deserved.
  6. Gjackson98

    So I start to make knives in my backyard

    From another thread of my; inspired by many other forum members. I decided to start making knives in my backyard. Although the goal is to start forging on my own, and make a knife from start to finish; To get my feet wet, I decided to make my first knife “without forge” straight from an old...
  7. Gjackson98

    WTS 4 Knives for sale; Shiraki takohiki, Mazaki gyuto, Mazaki santoku, Harner III short gyuto

    For your consideration. Below are 4 of my knives for sale. 1. Shiraki 300mm Blue 2 honyaki Takohiki Sakimaru with mammoth tooth spacer handle. Condition: BNIB Price: 950usd shipped CONUS -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  8. Gjackson98

    Backyard Forge experience?

    Recently I been browsing through internet regarding the topic of how to make a knife. One topic got me interested was forging your blade in your backyard. There has been a few seems to be "feasible" options on the internet. Have anyone ever tried anything similar before? How did it turn out?
  9. Gjackson98

    From my experience, be careful with PayPal

    To all KKF family, If you are buying or selling through PayPal (especially selling in this case), be very careful with the little details to avoid scam. As we want to trust everyone here with 100% of our heart and soul, PayPal do not. Big thanks to the friend who saved my uss. Few tips I...
  10. Gjackson98

    Scraping noise during sharpening from a cheap knife

    Background: For fun, I purchased a cheap 1095 hunting knife blank to make handles for. The issue: After making the handle I start sharpening it on my stones, the knife has been making scraping noise (similar to a white charcoal pen crossing the blackboard if you know what that sound like)...
  11. Gjackson98

    SOLD kato takohiki sakimaru 300mm BNIB

    Can’t believe I will ever have to do this. This is going to be a long and painful regret. For your consideration: Kato takohiki sakimaru 300mm Condition: BNIB perfect condition Price : 3500usd CONUS all included
  12. Gjackson98

    WTT Looking for Kato Damascus 240 gyuto

    Like the title, looking for a Kato Damascus 240mm gyuto or longer, in BNIB condition. I can trade up or down or pay cash. To offer I have Kato 210 Damascus gyuto (it runs little long about 215mm, not really sure if it is a short 240 or long 210 lol), Kato 300 takohiki and 300 yanagiba all BNIB...
  13. Gjackson98

    Beginner Mirror polish

    I have seen a few thread here about hints and tools regarding how to Mirror polish a blade. I am still little unclear regarding the polishing method and when do I know its time to move up the grits. Please help answering the question below, more detail the better :) Cheers! What polishing...
  14. Gjackson98

    Jnats with concavity

    I believe someone has covered this topic before but I couldn’t find it no more. Basically I found concavities on my Jnats, it’s not the most smooth sharpening experience. Would these concavities turn into problems later? Is there anything I can do to fill them? If I don’t do anything to them...
  15. Gjackson98

    Withdrawn Kato 210WH gyuto; Mazaki 180 KU nakiri; Munetoshi 240 honyaki gyuto

    Up for sale: 1. Kato 210mm WH gyuto Condition: BNIB Measurements: 218mm long heel to tip 47mm tall at heel weight: 193g Price: $1200 Shipping: CONUS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2...
  16. Gjackson98

    Jackson's Knife journey

    Inspired by other KKF members, I decided to take a step and share my journey (ongoing) with everyone here. I was first introduced to Japanese knives on April 7th 2018, I received a set of Shun knives as birthday gift. As I have quick learned that there are even better knives out there, I...
  17. Gjackson98

    Withdrawn Kato 210 WH gyuto (BNIB)

    Up for sale: 210mm Kato workhorse gyuto Knife condition: BNIB Accurate measurements: 218mm long 47mm tall at heel weight 193g Location/ background: The knife is currently in Australia, I am posting this for a good friend of my, very honorable man. He purchased the knife for collection and...
  18. Gjackson98

    SOLD Shige, shiraki, Kippington for sale

    Shigefusa 300mm Kasumi yanagiba (BNIB) -920USD -sold Shiraki 270mm Fuji crescent moon white 2 Mizu honyaki gyuto (BNIB) - 1350USD Kippington 240mm WorkHorse Honyaki gyuto with custom handle made with ebony wood and mammoth tooth spacer (Used in home cooking environment, sharpened about 3...
  19. Gjackson98

    Withdrawn Shiraki fuji moon Gyuto 240 and 270 with custom handles

    2 knives Up for sale: Shiraki white steel honyaki fuji full moon Gyuto 245mm long by 54mm tall at heel. Shiraki white steel honyaki crescent moon Gyuto 275mm long by 57mm tall at heel. Both knives with African Blackwood ferrule/ Honduras rosewood handle. Condition for both blades are BNIB...
  20. Gjackson98

    WTS Takeda NAS Gyuto small with custom handle

    Up for sale: Takeda NAS Gyuto small Around 210mm long x 58mm tall at heel The knife is in used but like new condition. It has been touched on fine stone. Price: 400USD CONUS, international we can talk