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  1. J.C

    Nakaya heiji semi stainless

    Hi guys, i sent an order for a custom heiji SS this morning. Anyone purchased heiji recently can share their experience? How the knife cut and their grind? I heard a lot of good stuffs about the carbon iwasaki steel but i currently need a semi stainless for work purposes (and also to quench my...
  2. J.C

    Bought Kurouchi watanabe gyuto 210-240 welcome

    Been hunting for this knife for a while, looking for professional line KU iron clad gyuto with blue core that were available until a couple months ago. prefer new/ near new condition, used one is also welcome with specific condition. Hit me up with pics and price, thanks
  3. J.C

    is Shinichi still producing watanabe kurouchi line?

    just curious, i can't find it anymore from the pro-list but it seems like some people still be able to get it. mtckitchen recently had the 270 KU as well. has anyone tried to contact shinichi-san about this too?
  4. J.C

    The9nine knives

    hi good evening, Im just curious about the performance and detail looks on the9nine knives. Seems like I can’t find much information in this forum yet and not much going around the BST. Any owners willing to share experience and/or pictures will be awesome! Cheers
  5. J.C

    WTB Shigefusa ku/ toyama NAKIRI 180-210mm

    hi guys, Just trying my luck here. If anyone has a drawer queen or willing to part with their knife. Currently looking to add to my nakiri collection: Shigefusa kurouchi 180-210mm Toyama noborikoi 180-210mm Might be interested in other brand such as yoshiaki fujiwara etc. Thankyou Jimmy
  6. J.C

    Bought Watanabe pro nakiri KU 180mm

    hi all, Trying to get my first nakiri here. Have not tried the watanabe blades before, but seen a lot of positive feedbacks here on KKF. Wanted to grab one from Sinichi, but currently sold out and need to wait “months” for it. If anyone willing to sell, just let me know. Thanks!
  7. J.C

    any recommendation for sujihiki or long petty?

    LOCATION What country are you in? Sydney, Australia KNIFE TYPE What type of knife are you interested in (e.g., chef’s knife, slicer, boning knife, utility knife, bread knife, paring knife, cleaver)? slicer or long petty (prefer 180-210mm) Are you right or left handed? right-handed Are you...