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  1. khashy

    Fake Ashi Honyaki Sold

    I have come across a knife that was sold as an Ashi Honyaki on one of the usual places for knife and stone sales in Japan, which I believe is in fact not an Ashi. Let me start by saying that I have no horses in this race, the sale has absolutely nothing with me and I do not know who has bought...
  2. khashy

    WTB WTB/WTT Kato K-tip Gyuto

    Hello, Firstly congratulations to the ladies/gents that managed to get a K-tip gyuto. If you decide that you would like to part with it for any reason, please consider letting me know as I have been pressing F5 ever since we saw the photo on JNS’s Instagram. I understand that Maksim may not...
  3. khashy

    WTB WTB/WTT Kato 270 Gyuto

    Hi, I am looking for a 270 Kato Gyuto. I know Workhorse versions of these are out there, there may be standard too. I do not mind either; Would just love to see and try one in real life. I’d love for this to be outright cash sales, however I do have a collection of blades worth looking at that...
  4. khashy

    Withdrawn /WTT Kato KU WH 240 and Kato 270 Gyutos

    Hello, I know that Maksim was very particular that they do not get flipped when selling the 240 KU Workhorse Gyutos. I can guarantee that it would be coming to a good home and will never get flipped. I will get Maksim’s personal blessing for the sale/trade of the 240mm KU WH, so should anyone...
  5. khashy

    Jiro Nakagawa - Part2: Performance Initial Impressions

    I have now had a chance to test the cutting performance of the Jiro 240mm Western handle gyuto that I wrote about previously. A very good friend asked me whether I can liken the performance of the blade to knives he would be familiar with. I thought about this for quite a bit and I cannot come...
  6. khashy

    Jiro Nakagawa - Initial Impressions of Western Handle 240mm Gyuto - Part1

    I thought I'd note down my initial impressions of Jiro-san's gyuto as I think it is the most exciting new blade to come out in quite some time. Please bear in mind that I have only had this knife for one day, so cutting review and further thoughts will be done in Part2. I think after that in...
  7. khashy

    Hattori KD 240 Gyuto Glamour Shots

    I’ve not posted glamour shots previously but I was taking some shots for Instagram and they came out looking decent, so I thought I’d share here too
  8. khashy

    Custom Profile Honyaki Gyuto, Kenji Togashi/Tosa, from K&S - Initial impressions

    I thought it might be a good idea to shine some light on the new custom profile honyaki gyutos that Knives and Stones have made available from the collaboration with Sakai Takayuki. Please excuse the background... I candidly dubbed this knife ‘TheJames’ when it was being made, as I...
  9. khashy

    Watanabe AI#Diamond Jr Plate Review

    This is a long over due review of the AI Diamond Jr plate from Watanabe which was passed around thanks to @nutmeg I probably ended up having the plate in my possession the longest due to the Christmas holidays, so apologies... Anyway on with the review. To set the context of what I have...
  10. khashy

    Kato 210 Workhorse (WH) gyuto

    Would love to try one of these bad boys and compare with the 210 Standard which I've been fortunate enough to try. Thanks for looking. Khash.
  11. khashy

    Knives/stones/what to do in Shanghai

    I'll be traveling to China in a few weeks and will spend a good few days in Shanghai. Is there any places for knives and stones I could check out? Any food I must try? Lastly any must see places or must do activities? Thanks
  12. khashy

    Who is this blacksmith?

    Any ideas?
  13. khashy

    What do you use to rub/apply abrasive powder/grit/wa powder?

    I bought a full progression of silicone carbide powder for a number of very hard knives I need to polish. I'm glad I did this (thanks to the advice of forum members) rather than sandpaper; it's much faster and easier to work with. In order to work with the grit, I watched Greg's video...
  14. khashy

    Question about installing a handle

    I will need to install a wa handle. The tang of the knife fits in the handle to the correct height, giving me a bit of exposed machi, which I like. When I place the tang all the way in, it is very loose. I belive I need to epoxy it in. Three questions: Should I wrap some sort of tape...
  15. khashy

    Is this Damascus or alloy banding?

    I bought this knife because I really liked the way it looks. The cladding has the most beautiful pattern on it that I have ever seen. It is so fine that it makes me question whether it's actually damascus and whether it is possible to produce a pattern this fine! The alternative I...
  16. khashy

    Kanji help

    Sorry about the photos not being so clear. The knife is (was) mirror polished and I tried he best angle possible to take a good photo. Can take it again if it's not clear: On the back of the blade, there are two characters, just above he ferrule. Hopefully you can make them out...
  17. khashy

    When should you retire a knife?

    Not a serious topic, but I thought this knife at Di Bruno Bros in Philly should probably be retired:
  18. khashy

    Is there a kitchen knife scene in Philadelphia?

    I'm in Philly for a short while and was wondering if there are any decent knife or stone places for me to check out here?
  19. khashy

    Where do you buy knife boxes (storage) from?

    I have a number of knives ranging from 360mm - 130mm that do not have boxes. At the moment, they are stored with VCI paper wrapper around the blade and carefully arranged in a cupboard. I would ideally like to have these in proper boxes. The boxes do not have to be fancy with kanji on...
  20. khashy

    Do I need Grit/Wa powder? Where do I buy from?

    So I have a set of knives that need re-finishing. I have the full progression of 60-3000 in wet/dry sand paper and was wondering if I should instead go about this using grit/wa powder. Is there a difference between using sand paper compared to grit/wa powder in terms of the finish quality...