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    WTB Katos

    Hi all, I am looking for any of the following (Kiyoshi) Katos: any parer/petty or small gyuto (being under 210mm) 210 KU gyuto Any sujihiki other than a 240mm kasumi sujihiki Any 270 gyuto 210 and 240 STD gyuto Any single bevel (yanagi, sakimaru takohiki, honesuki, etc.) And to round it off...
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    Aging / curing fish

    First a small disclaimer: I am far from a professional chef, and this is quite a long post. Any tips, tricks and constructive criticism are more than welcome! I have done my first experiment with aging fish. I have looked around on the internet, but its difficult to find any clear and reliable...
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    WTS /WTT BNIB Genkai Masakuni fuguhiki

    Genkai Masakuni honyaki fuguhiki with sanbon sugi hamon Specs: Length: 300mm Spine: from just under 2.5mm to under 1.3mm near the end of the shinogi line Weight: 98 gram (without handle) Comes with ho wood saya and original box Price: $1650 + shipping ($10 to EU, $20 to rest of the world)...
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    SOLD 240 Ashi honyaki gyuto

    Time to let this unicorn go: lightly used (5 times) ashi honyaki gyuto. Never sharpened, and has a light patina only. Measurements are 249x51, 223 gram (more measurements upon request). Price: USD 3,500, including worldwide insured shipping. I am interested in (partial) trades against: Kiyoshi...
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    WTB Katos

    I am looking for: Kiyoshi Kato 180 and 270mm gyuto (any type) Kiyoshi Kato 220 and 270mm sujihiki (any type) Kiyoshi Kato 210 and 240mm damascus gyuto (any type) Kiyoshi Kato single bevel (any type) I can pay cash, trade some unicorns or do a partial cash/trade deal, all depending on the...
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    WTB Kato, Fudo Kuniyuki, Okishiba Masakuni, Hinoura

    Bit of a long shot, but I am looking for: Kato 240 WH gyuto (preferably never sharpened) Kato damascus gyuto Kato kikuryu gyuto Any knife produced under the Fudo Kuniyuki brand Any knife by Okishiba Masakuni Hinoura River Jump gyuto Price depends on current state, size, type of knife etc.
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    Coarse synthetic stone comparison

    We made a simple review and comparison of some coarse synthetic whetstones. Review can be found here. Comments and criticism welcomed. This is just our personal take on these three stones. Cheers, Badgertooth, Valgard and Spipet
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    Duo of KU Kato gyuto

    Hi all, I have made a small comparison of the Kato KU standard and workhorse gyuto. Hope you like it, and let me know if you have any comments or questions!
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    WTB Kato damascus and/or kikuryu

    As the title says, I know it is a long shot! Price dependent on condition/usage of knife, and open to trades.
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    Orca by Shiro Kamo

    I have written a review on the Orca by Shiro Kamo offered by the shop called Japanische Kochmesser, I would be very happy to share my thoughts and hear any questions or comments you may have! Please click here to read the review! I have talked to the mods about posting this review :)
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    WTS Shig 210 wa gyuto

    In like new status. Pics upon request. Price is 720 usd plus shipping, which is what I paid for it at JNS plus fees.
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    WTB Unicorns

    Since people seem to go crazy over Kato nowadays I thought i'll see whats out there. Looking for: Any knife by Genkai Masakuni (including Fudo Kuniyuki line) Ashi honyaki Kato kikuryu Any other rare knife someone may want to part with Offering: Tatsuo ikeda honyaki fuguhiki (trade value...
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    New Mazaki 270mm gyuto

    I have written a review on the New Mazaki offered by JNS here, I would be very happy to share my thoughts and hear any questions or comments you may have!
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    WTS Ohira Renge Suita

    No longer for sale
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    WTS Tanaka Blue 1 240mm gyuto

    Title says it all (this is Yoshikazu Tanaka, the ones sold by Hitohira and Tsubaya). Knife is used a few times only, sharpened the edge once. Will post pics when I get home. Price: USD 400 ex shipping and fees (if any).
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    Hinoura Ajikataya 210mm gyuto

    I have written (yet another) review, this time about the Hinoura Ajikataya 210mm gyuto ( It's getting a bit boring testing knives that are well made, so hopefully soon I can be a bit more negative about a knife...
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    Yoshikazu Tanaka 240mm gyuto

    Hi all, I have written a review about the Tanaka knives sold by Tsubaya/Hitohira: Happy to hear your thoughts! I have discussed posting this link with the mods.
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    My knives...

    I have slowly started to make a blog about my knives and stones (and trying to include some hopefully useful reviews as well!) My latest (and only, haha) posts are about the JNS Kaeru and a Genkai Masakuni yanagiba . I would love to hear what you guys think and what can be improved!
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    Kaeru 210mm gytuo

    Hi all, I have written a review about the new Kaeru line from JNS: Happy to hear your thoughts! I have discussed posting this link with the mods.
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    Bridging 1k and Aizu

    I am looking for a stone to bridge between 1k and my Aizu (not for edge sharpening but for polishing bevels). Currently looking at Suehiro Rika (which apparently is coarser than 5k) and AI2000. Suggestions and experiences are more than welcome!