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  1. Keith Sinclair


    🌕:chef:Just watched a special on Miso NHK world. Didn't know so many different types. Usually have a container in the frig.Love Miso soup & Ramin. Miso butter fish or Salmon slightly charred.
  2. Keith Sinclair

    Any Tampa Bay Fans

    Tom Brady should have better receivers than last year. Their defense needs to get better. It is a tough division. They wanted him most for leadership that can make a difference in a couple years.
  3. Keith Sinclair


    I remember back in early 1980's was concern about plastic waste. Now compared to then we use more plastic for everything. It is cheap works well for storing foods not to mention it's countless other uses. Not just US & EU Japan & China put everything in plastic. I just watched the plastic wars...
  4. Keith Sinclair


    I have always liked beer. Not high rated as wine, but most of the world makes some kind of beer for the locals. In far reaches and hole in the wall places on the planet. Now only drink one a day on average. Pour it in a glass so that it has some suds. I know that some brew is aged in barrels...
  5. Keith Sinclair

    Don't forget Valentine day

    Card, dark chocolate, a red rose, and special meal for my sweaty.
  6. Keith Sinclair

    Air Fryers

    Have seen these on TV went to Sam's club they had three models. Got thinking of trying one. I don't deepfry at home too much oil waste. Was wondering if folks here have used and opinions of them.
  7. Keith Sinclair

    Challenge for top 10 Quarterbacks

    NFL is doing top 100 players all time. Last pick is 10 Quarterbacks. Other positions have quite a few old timers so my picks are probably off. Here are my pics. Brett Favre Dan Marino Joe Montana Otto Grahm Johnny Unitas Terry Bradshaw Peyton Manning Tom Brady Drew Brees John Elway This not...
  8. Keith Sinclair

    It's that time of year again.

    Surfing world championship down to last event here in Hawaii. Moore from Hawaii has good chance to win the woman's world tour. Who would have thought that the Niner's & Ravens would be so strong in their divisions. Hawk's & Saint's are still contenders tho Craig has given up on NFL already.:D
  9. Keith Sinclair

    400/1000 combo stone

    Was wondering why not more of these. Been using Xtra large gesshin 400 & 1000 at the school. 400 knocks shoulders off V grinds & lower thinning bevel. Micro bevel 1000 creating Burr & removing it. You can do a second micro at same angle with lighter pressure to refine the edge. You see lots of...
  10. Keith Sinclair

    Colombian won TDF

    Tour has had good Colombian riders in the past. This is the first year they have won it with a pure climber Egan Bernal. He is only 22 got white jersey also for best young rider. One of the better tours in a while, French Julian Alaphilippe fought hard to keep the yellow jersey lost it last two...
  11. Keith Sinclair

    Seedless Watermelons

    I have noticed that more growers are going that direction. My experience seeded meloñs are sweeter. Watermelons must be left on the vine to ripen . If picked too soon no flavor ,
  12. Keith Sinclair


    I used clogs at work, plastic Biki's with a cork insert . I bought a pair of Sanita's Danish clogs years ago used for teaching & when go out wearing long pants no that often in Hawaii. Yesterday went to Dentist and almost slipped in elevator. Noticed my Sanita's were falling apart at the sole...
  13. Keith Sinclair

    Marie Sharps Smoked Habanero Sauce

    I don't remember who turned me on to Marie Sharps Belize pepper sauces on this forum. I order it online since can't find it here. Get the 10oz bottles of the red and green slightly milder variety. Last order tried the Smoked Habanero sauce. This is awesome pepper sauce it adds some heat and a...
  14. Keith Sinclair

    WTB 240mm Hiromoto AS

    Stock prefered
  15. Keith Sinclair

    What you making for New Years

    I'm going for Southern good luck with Stewed Tomatoes & Black Eyed Peas. Garlic, ginger, pork, stewed tomatoes, blk. eye peas, eggplant, mushrooms, Cauliflower, S&P, fresh lemon juice. A dash of Marie Sharps hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce. Putting more vegetables this time around.
  16. Keith Sinclair

    Blue Moon

    As is known I'm a bang for the buck Japanese knife fan. Japanese Chef Knives brought in more Blue Moon 210mm. He was sold out for a while. Now has a sale for 88.00. That is a good deal. It is a great blade for 98.00 CKTG sells it for around 130.00 same knife under different name. It is a hammer...
  17. Keith Sinclair


    I first had it with Sausage in Germany many years ago. Chicken on a spit and of coarse the beer fond memories. Found a source here for Raw tasty pro biotic Sauerkraut. Make it with Aidells Sausage. Tried it with other things too. Turkey hormone free dogs, bun with horseradish mustard, half...
  18. Keith Sinclair


    Kochi 240mm Kurouchi Stainless clad gyuto back in stock. Snooze ya lose. :cool:
  19. Keith Sinclair

    Hurricane Lane

    Seems like Hawaii has been lucky with near misses except Iniki in 1992 that devastated Kauai. Lane is a large one was cat 5 for a while now a cat 4 moving slow which could mean large surge, flooding and land slides. Some models have it weakening and veering west that would be good. One has it...
  20. Keith Sinclair

    Cleaning up in box

    With the new format can't seem to find delete for cleaning up personal messages.