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  1. billyO

    Latest attempt at a seascape

    Hello all. Thought I'd share a picture of my latest blade just after hand sanding and etching. I'm getting closer to what I'm looking for in the seascape (see Custom Butcher's knife for a friend for my first attempt). I've got a 30 layer billet I'm going to try for the water on the next one...
  2. billyO

    Handle ergonomics question

    Hello all. The question of handle to spine orientation came up in another knife making forum and I thought I'd see what more folks have to say. For optimal ergonomics, should the center-line of the tang (WA handle) on a kitchen knife be parallel to the spine of the blade (red in the pics), or...
  3. billyO

    Custom Butcher's knife for a friend

    Hello all. I hope everyone is staying healthy and happy these days. My sister asked me to make a knife for a chef friend of hers who donated time and food for a dog rescue she volunteers at. In answer to the question of what size/style he wants, his response was: A small butcher's knife...
  4. billyO

    Left handed slicer

    Hello all. I hope the pandemic isn't too stressful and y'all are staying healthy. Here's a couple of photos of a left-handed random pattern blade forged in the Bunka Funayuki-Bocho style. ~ 120 layers of 1080/15N20 steels with the edge a chisel grind made for the left handed. Handle is ebony...
  5. billyO

    Hello from the PNW

    Hello all. I'm a blacksmith from the PNW and never thought I'd call myself a knife maker until I tried some pattern welding a number of years ago. I've been focusing on pattern welded kitchen knives for the past few years. as always peace and love billyO