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    Advice on buying my first Gyuto.

    Now that I've got my sharpening stones, I'm looking to get a good chef's knife. This would be my main kitchen knife, used alongside a paring knife for the entire meal prep. What I currently have are a Victorinox Fibrox 210mm chef's knife, some supermarket sale stainless chef knives, a Kiwi...
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    Advice on whetstones purchase

    Hey folks, I recently bought a Tojiro Shirogami Nakiri to get a feel for and learn to take care of a Japanese carbon knife. Now I know this knife isn't exactly high end, but I thought it was a nice way to see if it was something for me. All I currently have are some stainless steel knives I got...
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    Cheers from the Netherlands

    Hey peeps, Been visiting this site for a handful of days now and thought I may just as well join the conversation. Currently I only have a couple of cheap stainless knives that are hardly worth the mention. My Robert Herder peeling knife is probably better steel. Anyway, I have a reasonably...