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  1. ecchef

    SOLD Older Shig 225 with Stefan handle.

    Got this from member Josh about 6 years ago, but only used it a couple of times. Comes with functional saya. Has slight blem on left heel and handle has stable surface hairline crack (see pics). Looking to get $550 for it all in with CONUS shipping.
  2. ecchef


    Why is the letter string “ume” being censored out? That being u m e.
  3. ecchef

    Wanna work in Germany?

    I'm looking for some talent to round out my kitchen. 15 month contract includes free board (in hotel), OT, transportation costs, and all bennies of a Govt. employee. If yer interested, let me know.
  4. ecchef

    Chicago NRA show

    Anyone going this year? I was voluntold to attend. I hate those long distance flights.
  5. ecchef

    Tsukiji Masamoto sale at MTC.
  6. ecchef

    Best RTU onion rings

    OK...I'm looking for some opinions on RTU onion rings. The best you can think of. Would prefer to do my own, but would be a pain in the ass with my crew, shaky supply chain and bizarre-o sanit regs concerning prep production. I can't convince my cheap bosses to send me to a food show, so I'm...
  7. ecchef

    Per Se gets 2 stars from NY times
  8. ecchef

    Saveur article
  9. ecchef

    Thought provoking industry article
  10. ecchef

    Weekend guests

    #s 9 & 11. Looks like a non-event though.
  11. ecchef

    Anyone wanna work in Japan?

    Well, Okinawa specifically. For the Govt. We're down a couple of Chefs and will be opening up a position or two shortly. P/M me if you have any questions.
  12. ecchef

    Opinions on store bought BBQ sauces

    I'll admit that I'm too lazy these days to make my own. So, if you had to purchase a pre-made, which one would you choose?
  13. ecchef

    Commercial Vacuum Sealer

    Well, I just got handed $5K and was told to purchase a vacuum sealer. I need something that can handle an 18oz bone-in rib steak (the largest cut I anticipate). Any suggestions/recommendations?
  14. ecchef

    What's New? issue

    Won't open. Comes up as "Database Error". Anyone else?
  15. ecchef

    Issues with Craig Steven's product?

    Anybody else have issues with Steven's product? I just received a pair of scales that are way different what he depicted in his listing. The pattern is the same, so I know it's the right product, but the color is completely unlike what he showed. Supposed to be a deep blood red with deep...
  16. ecchef

    Back from Tokyo...

    Went to Tsukiji; didn't buy any knives, didn't handle any knives, didn't take any pictures of knives, didn't even stop to look at knives. Didn't go to Kappabashi-dori. Never even gave it a thought. I may need an intervention.
  17. ecchef

    Don Nguyen suji/line/prep knife

    I've had this for about 4 months now and have been beating the crap out of it every day. Does double duty as a line and general prep knife, so it gets exposed to all kinds of abuse: veg prep, meat/poultry/fish fabrication, slicing hot & cold proteins, mincing herbs, chopping nuts/dried...
  18. ecchef

    Extra slow photo uploading

    Uploading an individual photo from my pc used to take seconds. Lately it takes like 2 minutes to perform the same operation. Any suggestions?
  19. ecchef

    My stuff redux

    So, I figured I'd delete the old thread and start fresh. Same crappy photo skills though.:( What lurks within....