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  1. preizzo

    WTS Shibata tank , Wakui aogami suji ,masashi Ku gyuto ,masashi takobiki 260

    All knives have been purchased from masashi shirogami 2 kurouchi clad 240 mm gyuto brand new ,never used . burn chestnuts handle . 230 usd shipped 245 length 55 height Masashi shirogami 2 takobiki 260 mm Used it to cut 10/12 steaks ,burn chestnut handle . Light patina that can be...
  2. preizzo

    SOLD Shiraki honiyaki MT Fuji full Moon 240 gyuto

    Brand New, mirror finish it with a dpham costom handle iron wood handle , mammoth tooth ,bleck Wood ferrule Lenght 245 mm Height 54 mm 1000 usd
  3. preizzo

    SOLD Wakui aogami 2 kurouchi gyuto 270 and suji 270 price dropped

    Gyuto Wakui 270 mm , aogami 2 core , kurouchi finish clad nice knife ,used it a handle full of time. never sharpened it 275 mm length 53 mm height Macassar ebony handle 300 usd Suji Wakui 270 mm , aogami 2 core , kurouchi finish clad Very nimble suji ,cut few things and then store it . 275...
  4. preizzo

    WTS Mazaki gyuto 240 mm bullnose price drop

    1 ) Masakage koishi suji 300 mm Catch and release. Bought it from a member here ,the knife had some minor micro chipping,never been used much from previous owner. When arrived I played a bit with it and kasumi Finished it (some of the original grind marks are still visible),but the knife...
  5. preizzo

    SOLD Spring sale part 3

    1 Mazaki gyuto 270 mm ,BBQ heat treated from last batch from jns , shirogami 2 Comes with a custom handle with a makamune ferrule. Used it a bit , sharpened it twice,kasumi finished it , perfect condition 58 mm height 280 mm length 310 usd 2 Mazaki petty 150 mm kasumi , shirogami 2 core...
  6. preizzo

    SOLD Spring sale part 2

    1) Mazaki kurouchi with a custom handle from HK shop . 245 length 53 height Used it few times,kasumi finish it and sharpen it once. 300 usd 2) Mazaki kasumi , shirogami 2, 2th generation from cleancut 220 length 51 height Used it few times , really really light patina ,never sharpened it...
  7. preizzo

    Withdrawn Kato Gyuto 270 mm

    Got 2 270 mm gyuto kasumi last year. One need to go Custom handle and saya Used it in a pro kitchen, sharpen it once 58 mm height 280 mm length 320 gr Asking 1700 usd . Plus shipping Foto coming soon
  8. preizzo

    WTS Couple of mazaki, yanagiba Ku brand new price drop

    Mazaki kurouchi yanagiba 270 mm Brand new never used , shirogami 2 core 210 usd shipped Mazaki gyuto 270 mm second generation from jns Used it few times, touched the edge twice on natural stones. 58 mm tall at the heel 275 mm length 277 gr 300 usd shipped If you buy both I will trow...
  9. preizzo

    SOLD Wtt Mazakis, hisamoto price drop

    Spring cleaning. Selling a mazaki kurouchi 270 mm gyuto Used it few times, sharpen it once. 275 mm length 56 mm height 380 usd Petty mazaki kurouchi 150 mm Used it few times, sharpen it once 120 usd Mazaki gyuto 240 mm from k&s Brand New,comes with a ebony handle and buffalo ferrule...
  10. preizzo

    SOLD ,narra Damascus gyuto price drop

    Watanabe carbon clad , aogami 2 core Gyuto 240 mm 55 mm height 243 mm length 221 gr Used It to cut few steaks,never sharpened,nice blue patina on easy to remove. 420 usd Chefnarra ktip gyuto 240 mm Damascus clad 55 mm height 245 mm length 215 gr Used It few times, sharpen it once...
  11. preizzo

    SOLD mazaki 240 Gyuto

    Selling this two nice knives . First is a mazaki second generation form cleancut cut . Used it times to times, sharpen it once. I did play a bit with the finish on this one so I have applied a nice gun blue metal on it and now it s a kurouchi 😊 Amezing taper on this one 55 mm height 247 mm...
  12. preizzo

    SOLD 2×mazaki gyuto 210 stainless steel clad, yoshikane suji kurouchi finish 270

    Don't like to do this but I need to clear out a bit my collection. 1 )Mazaki stainless steel clad, shirogami 2 core . 215 mm length 51 mm height Used it a few time , touched up on a 4000 grit stone one time . 250 USD 2 )Mazaki kurouchi finish stainless steel clad, shirogami 2 core . 216...
  13. preizzo

    SOLD Akebono brothers 240 /270

    Both lovely blades ,just don't use them so much . Used them very little,only touched up on high grit stones . Gyuto 240 length,54 mm height Gyuto 270 length,55 mm height Both come with beautiful handles from James . 750 for both. Otherwise 375 USD for the 240 and 425 USD for the 270 ...
  14. preizzo

    WTS Kamon production line

    Got this kamon recently from a Swedish kkf member. I Like the knife just have to many that I like more so this will have to go . Gyuto s grind 240 mm Resin handle 1.2067 carbon steel Used it few times for home meal .never sharpened it . 320 USD shipped Photo tomorrow morning
  15. preizzo

    WTS Yanagiba 270

    Got this from clean cut Is a 270 yanagiba in shirogami 2 Used it to cut few sirloin. Not use for yanagiba for me now . Nice yanagiba with a ebony handle. Makoto tadokoro Is the name of the smith. Paid 320 USD , selling it for 270 USD shipped
  16. preizzo

    WTB Mazaki

    Looking in buy something interesting from mazaki that I still don't have or tried it . Just to mention some Mazaki ginsanko , kiritsuke ,single bevel, petty kurouchi,gyuto first and third generation from jns ,etcc Cheers Matteo
  17. preizzo

    WTB Gyuto 240

    Looking in buy a gyuto 240 for a friend. Tall 55 + ,240/250 lenght. Any Carbon Steel ,no stainless Please let me know what you have
  18. preizzo

    WTS Shighefusa 270 gyuto kasumi

    Tjis pne has a handle and saya made by graydon. Lenght 273 mm 55mm tall Use it few times , sharpen once and just refinish it last week. Knife look gorgeous Asking 1500 USD
  19. preizzo

    WTS Moritaka 270 ktip gyuto SOLD

    Got this knife from a member result of a partial trade . It s a gyuto ktip ,used it few times ,only stropped on balsa . Aogami super core Length 275 mm Height 57 mm Thickness at the handle 3.8 mm 200 USD shipped .
  20. preizzo

    SOLD Evan antzeberg

    Selling my gyuto honiyaki in aogami 2 from Evan . Beautiful blade with some of the best heat treatment. Handle is ebony with horn ferrule and wood spacer . Used it few times,sharpen it once . Lenght 250 mm Height 54 mm Weight 230 gr Thickness as t the spine 3,5 mm Asking 700 usd shipped