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    Knife findings

    Whoever snagged that 300 Toyama sujihiki, kudos to you!
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    WTT Dalman 240 western honyaki

    That is such a lusty knife
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    SOLD Toyama 270 gyuto

    These are awesome, glws
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    SOLD Watanabe 255 Iron Clad

    What a monster
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    Knife findings

    I missed it !! Please let us know your thoughts when it arrives
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    Toyama Love

    It's iron
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    Ebony Handles from Knives & Stones

    I really like my ebony handle from K&S. Really beefy in terms of weight but it makes the balance on my mazaki enjoyable. It's definitely got a slick texture but I've had much more slippery handles from other places. Overall the quality is quite nice in my opinion
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    SOLD A Few More Goodies

    Jeez those are very tempting knives. Glws!
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    Kindly recommend/help me choose a medium 240mm gyuto but with great cutting performance.

    I've never handled the ginsan version but I've read good things about it. In my limited experience with ginsan I've really enjoyed it's edge-taking abilities and I trust the word on the street that Tanaka treats it with respect.
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    Kindly recommend/help me choose a medium 240mm gyuto but with great cutting performance.

    Tanaka in blue 2 is incredible for the price, especially with that gorgeous brass capped handle it sports at Knives And Stones. Takes an aggressive edge with very little time on the stones, edge retention is excellent as well
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    SOLD Shig and Dalman and DT, Oh My! - part 1

    Those ringed gidgee western handles are to die for
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    Withdrawn Morihei Hisamoto Kurouchi White #1 Gyuto 240mm Pakka Handle (Fine Finish)

    Coincidentally I've been on a feverish hunt for this exact knife the past couple days !
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    Watanabe site down?

    Wait a second what honyaki gyuto are we speaking of here :eek:
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    Kiyoshi Kato 240 Standard Gyuto Passaround

    This sounds awesome, I'd love to participate if you'll have me
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    WTS Heiji, Kagekiyo, HHH, Tojiro, Munetoshi

    What's the height and weight of the heiji 240 gyuto ?