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  1. drsmp

    SOLD Masakage Kumo 240 gyuto

    Purchased from a collection. Looks new , the only issue I see is some unevenness in the core etch towards the tip. You can see this in the closeup of the left side of the blade. The box is a little dinged up. The knife is 244 at the edge, 51 mm tall at the heel and weighs 168gm. The core is VG...
  2. drsmp

    WTB Takamura Uchigumo gyuto 240 or 210

    Please pm me if you’ve got one you’d like to sell , Thanks, Steve
  3. drsmp

    SOLD $⬇️ Hitohira Morihei Akimitsu Ginsan Damascus 240 gyuto

    Catch and release from steve_O_ rama. He did a fantastic refinish, etch and polish, the knife is gorgeous just not my jam. Here’s his write up I picked this up a few months ago because I keep trying to see if I can ever get into lasers. I was a bit skeptical about the finish because it reminded...
  4. drsmp

    WTB Masakage Kujira 210 gyuto

    Please message me if you’d like to sell one. Thanks!
  5. drsmp

    SOLD Kurosaki R2 Shizuku 180 Gyuto custom Jobone amboyna handle $⬇️

    $245 by PayPal delivered to US. Prepped a few meals. Great knife just graduating towards 230+ as my confidence grows. 176mm at the edge, 45 at the heel and balance over heel. Thanks!
  6. drsmp

    Kanji ID

    This is a Hitohira Ginsan Damascus gyuto. Does the kanji reveal the actual maker? Thanks!
  7. drsmp

    SOLD $⬇️ GC Greg Cimms San Mai / Damascus core 220 gyuto WTT

    220mm at edge and 50 at the heel , weighs 236gm. $975 by PayPal delivered to US. Per Greg it’s 410 ss clad over 1095/15n20 carbon Damascus core. Gorgeous knife with G10/dyed oak burl/walnut handle. Purchased as part of a large collection, I prepped one meal - looks new. Price drop to $925 also...
  8. drsmp

    WTB Hinoura Kitaeji 210 or 240 Gyuto

    Super long shot but you never know unless you ask! If anyone ever sees one listed at a dealer please give me a heads up! Thanks, Steve
  9. drsmp

    Best blend of beauty and performance in a Gyuto ?

    I know that when you get down to it a Gyuto is a kitchen tool, but I am sucker for good looking knives. Please don’t call out poor performers , just list your great looking blades that are also great cutters. So far for me three of my favorites are my Kurosaki Fujin AS, Yoshikane Black Damascus...
  10. drsmp

    SOLD Yoshikane - Konosuke YS 215 with Jobone Gidgee handle

    I recently got a 210 Yoshikane Black Damascus so I’m selling my almost identical YS. This blade is super thin at the edge and a great cutter. Used it to prep a few meals some very light patina on the core as seen in the picture on the knife stand. Includes the Konosuke saya (which I stained...
  11. drsmp

    SOLD Haburn Western Honyaki Gyuto 230

    Bought this knife off BST.It lived in a commercial kitchen for a few years (and showed it!) . I thinned , sanded to 1500 and polished the blade. The handle was sanded to 600, multiple coats of mineral oil then buffed with Axe Wax. The height is down 45mm - from Ian’s blog it started out at...
  12. drsmp

    My low cost sanding setup with some sanding advice

    Sanding advice - 1) Find high quality waterproof paper , I like the Matador brand which I purchase off eBay. Search for multi sheet packs in a variety of grits - 240/320 to 1200/1500 is about right. Nothing is more irritating than a random large piece of grit leaving a deep scratch and you have...
  13. drsmp

    SOLD Shigefusa Deba 160 Kasumi (Munemasa)

    Munemasa Shigefusa. Munemasa is one of a few shops that Shigefusa does OEM work for. This knife appears to be new but the kanji on the Ura is very weak. There is a blond streak in the top of the horn ferrule towards the Ura side . I purchased this knife from an estate sale collection so I do...
  14. drsmp

    SOLD Yoshikazu Ikeda Mizu Honyaki 210mm Gyuto (mirror polish) price drop

    NIB - still has protective coating so some of my pics look a little wonky. The last picture is a glamour shot from Epicedge. This knife retails at about $1100. Water quenched mirror polished White 2 , Ebony handle with bone spacers and double buffalo horn. 202mm heel to tip, 46 height at heel...
  15. drsmp

    SOLD HHH Feather Damascus Gyuto 274mm

    I purchased this knife as part of a collection sold from an estate sale. I’m selling it as it’s too long for my comfort zone -and I’m can’t keep them all! It is in excellent condition, if not new it’s very close to new. The edge is 274mm, the height at the heel is 54mm and it weighs 242gm. The...
  16. drsmp

    SOLD Shigefusa Kasumi 180 Deba and KU 150 petty kaisaki

    Kasumi 180mm Deba - 167mm edge, 272gm - with blue box.There is still a protective oil on the blade, it appears unused. $525 by PayPal includes US shipping KU 150 single bevel petty / kaisaki . This knife has been polished and most of the KU is gone leaving almost a black chrome into a nice...
  17. drsmp

    Kanji ID on a deba

    Hi Can anyone ID this deba ? Thanks, Steve
  18. drsmp

    Kato workhorse vs Standard and Blue vs white -how do you ID?

    Kanji on both sides of WH? Picture are welcome! Thanks, Steve
  19. drsmp

    SOLD Shigefusa Kitaeji and Kasumi 240mm Usuba NIB ⬇️⬇️

    The Kitaeji is 334 gm and 220mm at the edge. $1325 by PayPal includes insured Priority mail to US (top 4pics) The Kasumi is 308gm and 220mm at the edge. $825 by PayPal includes insured Priority mail to US (bottom 2 pics) Please note both blades have protective oil as shipped from vendor which...
  20. drsmp

    Remove Lacquer/protective coating on honyaki?

    Bought a new honyaki which has a protective coating, how do you safely remove it?