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  1. Johnny.B.Good

    Credit Card Fraud!

    I received a letter this afternoon from my VISA card member service department, letting me know that my "address change request has been processed." Trouble is, I didn't make any such request! The letter displayed my "old" (real/current) address, and fraudulent "new" address in Burien, WA. I...
  2. Johnny.B.Good

    BoardSMITH Walnut KKF Birthday Board

    I am one of the winners of a discounted black walnut board, courtesy of "The Chairman of the Boards" David Smith, donated in honor KKF's first birthday. I actually purchased it as a gift for my mother, who is entering the home stretch of a long overdue kitchen remodel. What can I say that hasn't...
  3. Johnny.B.Good

    Tips and Advice Needed: How to Package Knives for Shipping

    Can those of you who have shipped knives through the mail offer any tips/advice for how best to package them safely/securely? I am planning on sending a knife or two out and there will be a return trip involved, so would like to make sure they get there in one piece and are easy (enough) to...
  4. Johnny.B.Good

    Kitchen Shears Recommendation

    Any strong feelings about the "best" stainless steel kitchen shears on the market? I would like a sturdy/handsome pair that comes apart easily for sharpening, and am not worried about cost. Tojiro? Wusthof? Thanks! -Johnny
  5. Johnny.B.Good

    Hello from the Bay Area

    I have been visiting this site pretty much every day for many months doing a great deal of reading, but have never introduced myself or posted before today (I felt the need to chime in with an endorsement of Jon/JKI). I started out in all of "this" just wanting to learn to sharpen (purchased...