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    SOLD Shapton Glass 2k & 6k

    Both were lightly used. The 6k was used for 2-3 times. The 2k was used for 4-5 times. The thickness of the stone part of both are almost 8 mm while the 6k is very very slightly thicker (I think they might come in this way but not sure). I’m asking for $130 all inclusive CONUS.
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    WTS Zkramer 10-inch SG2 Price Reduced

    Bought this new in November, 2019. Used it for a couple of times and sharpened once. Not a pleasure to use I’d say. Potatoes stick to it as fxk. Not thin enough behind the edge either. My original plan was to use it to practice thinning and etching, but I recently got another dammy knife from a...
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    SOLD Shibata Kotetsu R2 Gyuto 240mm

    I bought this new from Coutelier NOLA in March 2020. Used it for <10 meals. Never sharpened. Just stropped a few times. I'm letting it go because it's a bit too big with 251 actual edge length. I like the knife otherwise so I might grab a Kotetsu bunka someday. It comes with a Shibata saya...
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    SOLD 240 Yoshikane SKD Nashiji Gyuto K&S Amekiri

    I bought this new from K&S in May 2020. The handle is the K&S heart shaped ebony handle with blonde horn ferrule. I lightly sharpened it once and stropped it on leather for a few times. I love the grind and the SKD steel as it gets sharp easily while being semi stainless. I want to find it a new...
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    SOLD Shibata Kotetsu AS Gyuto 240

    I bought this new in Oct 2019. Only lightly sharpened once and stropped on leather for a few times. I have both Shibata R2 and AS. The AS is not as laser-ish as the R2 but it has a stiffer spine and a more gyuto-like profile. I want to send it to a new home because I find myself using the...
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    WTS Ikkanshi Tadatuna Wa Gyuto 240mm White 2

    I bought this new from Aframe in Dec 2019. Lightly thinned and sanded. Sharpened twice since thinned. I love using it but now I've got 4 lasers and many white 2 gyutos, so I'm letting go of a laser in white 2. ; ) There are some scratches near the handle that were not removed during the...
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    SOLD Yaxell Dragon BD1N Santoku --- $25 Dollar

    It was bought in late 2018 iirc. I never liked the super curvy profile, so just used it a couple of times and practiced several sessions of sharpening. Now I have way too many knives so want to find it a new home. It has a nice handle and could be used as a project knife. I live in an apartment...
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    SOLD Wakui 210 White 2 Gyuto

    I got this Wakui 210 white 2 gyuto from EpicEdge in October 2019. It was used for a couple of weeks and sharpened 3 times iirc, then I decided I like 240 knives better and have never used it again since then. It's time to find it a new home. The ho wood handle was burnt to a darker color and...
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    SOLD Mazaki Kasumi Gyuto 240 White 2 KnS

    I got this knife from KnS US last week and only used it once. It is a bit too heavy for my taste so I would like to find it a new home. $260 shipped to CONUS. Actual measurements: 54mm*244mm 268 gram Spine thickness is 5.5 mm near the ferrule, 4.8 above the heel, 2.7 in the middle, and 1.25...
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    WTS KING 1200 & 6000

    I'd like to sell a KING 1200, a KING S-1 6000, and a stone holder. Asking for $60 all inclusive CONUS. Thanks, KING 1200: Dimensions: 65mm*207mm*34mm Link to Amazon page: KING 6000: Dimensions...
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    WTS Konosuke GS+ Togatta Gyuto 240

    I bought this new in Dec 2019. Tried it for a couple of meals and never sharpened. I just wanted to try the KS-like profile and decided it is not for me. I'm asking for $175 all inclusive CONUS. Edit: Let's try $165. Measurements (actual measurements, might be different from what's shown on...
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    How to remove white streaks in buffalo horn ferrule?

    As you can see from the picture, I received a knife with some white marks on the ferrule. The seller explained that it is normal for buffalo horn ferrule to have some white/blonde streaks in it, so I wonder how many of you have seen this before. Is it possible to remove those with some sandpapers?
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    I dont like my Ho wood handle so I burned/tanned it

    The original Ho wood handle came with Wakui hairline was really rough, so I did some sanding and applied oil and wax. It looked glossy and felt nicer, but I still thought the color was too I eventually burned it with a torch last night. The picture below shows "the handle after...
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    What kind of deal should I expect for Black Friday?

    Hi everyone, I recently became very interested in thinly ground carbon steels knives. I already received a 240 Anryu Blue 2 Gyuto from CKTG so my eager of owing one has been relieved a bit. Now I want to grab a Wakui 210 Gyuto from EpicEdge, but I heard that EpicEdge will have great deals on...
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    Checking In

    Hi everyone, I'm a new member from Connecticut and I found this forum while I was doing some research online for carbon steel knives. I just ordered a 240 Anryu blue 2 gyuto after seeing some good reviews here. Very excited and thanks! HZ