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    F&F Choil question

    A quick question for the knife experts. Am relatively new to carbon steel. This one is BNIB and I’ve noticed the choil is somewhat roughly finished. Just wanted to make sure it wasn’t rust. I’ve thought about taking a micro mesh to smooth it out but if it’s part of normal manufacture may just...
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    Next stone options ...

    Although I have traditionally used an Edge Pro system, I’m starting to appreciate the love and feedback of using a proper wet stone. It’s also less finicky changing angles to get it right and surprisingly therapeutically relaxing.
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    Hello, from Australia!

    Greetings all, I discovered kitchenknifeforums whilst browsing the internet for information on both obtaining and maintaining kitchen knives. My next discovery was Kitchen and Stones which is also located in Australia! I'm a working professional but enjoy home kitchen preparation. My first...