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    Bought Gesshin 1k + 4k

    Found. KKF comes through!
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    Bought Gesshin 1k + 4k

    Let me know! I have a 2k coming so just looking for a 4K.
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    Bought Gesshin 1k + 4k

    Weekend bump. I know one of you nerds have one laying around.
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    WTB Wakui 180mm nakiri

    Just got a 165mm wakui nakiri and it’s dope. Good luck with your search.
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    Bought Gesshin 1k + 4k

    Picked up Malcolms 2k. Just looking for 4K now!
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    Bought Gesshin 1k + 4k

    Sending you a message
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    Bought Gesshin 1k + 4k

    Heard awesome things about these stones and would like to try them out. Anyone have any laying around? Conus please.
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    SOLD Takeda Nakiri 170mm NAS CONUS

    Sold! Thanks KKF
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    SOLD Takeda Nakiri 170mm NAS CONUS

    Looking to sell a Takeda Nakiri NAS. Got this from another KKF member a couple weeks ago and selling for the same price I got it for. I prefer a flatter profile on my Nakiri. Touched up the edge on a Rika and oiled the handle and saya. Super easy to sharpen IMO. Really on the fence about selling...
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    I cook a lot of seafood these days

    This came in today :)
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    N. Phoenix, AZ is here

    Ah sorry to hear that. They just went back to takeout only so it’s not looking good. Utah is still allowing dine in. It’s been slow but yesterday was the first day it felt like working a real restaurant again.
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    N. Phoenix, AZ is here

    Nice! My brother in law is a chef in scottsdale. I love visiting that area.
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    Knife detective needed please

    It is indeed a Aogami Super wagyu sword 21. Not sure on the brand.
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    Difference cutting a carrot with a nakiri, santoku and small gyuto?

    Get them all. Santouku for carrots on monday and wednesday. Nakiri for carrots on Tuesday and Thursday. Gyuto for Carrots on Friday and Sunday. You'll need another knife for Saturday Carrots. Maybe a chinese cleaver.
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    Are any of the new "social" brands of knives decent quality?

    If all their money is going to marketing I wouldn’t expect much from the product.
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    WTS Tojiro DP Honesuki CONUS

    Looking to sell this Tojiro DP Honesuki. This is a good entry level knife for anyone looking to venture into this shape. I have another Honesuki and reach for the other one primarily. Used and sharpened. $50 Shipped. CONUS only please.
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    Bernal or Carbon?

    I live in between the 2 and have received orders equally as fast. Even during covid times.