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  1. Cheeks1989

    WTS Tansu aebl suji new pics

    Suji sold Tansu aebl sujihiki 210mm available. 325 shipped conus Last price reduction.
  2. Cheeks1989


    looking to sell my Gesshin 6000 splash and go stone this was used very lightly maybe 5 times. The only reason I am selling this is because I have another one that I use at work. Asking 60 shipped conus. Thanks Sam
  3. Cheeks1989

    SOLD 2 Anton handles

    I have 2 anton handles I bought along time ago. I do not remember the wood on either and they both have never been used. The length on the one on the right is 140 mm and middle width is 35 mm left one is 145 mm and the middle width is 35 mm Asking 100 shipped conus for the pair. Thanks Sam
  4. Cheeks1989

    WTS Mert Tansu honyaki yanigiba.

    Up for sale is a 280 mm Mert Tansu Yanigiba Honyaki in aisi w2. The handle is snake wood octagonal walrus Ivory ferrule and Mokume tip. I really don't want to sell this knife but selling this to raise funds to go on my honeymoon. It was only used once on swordfish. If I am not mistaken this is 1...
  5. Cheeks1989

    WTS Harner (pic fixed) paring knife/ Alphahunter tactical White Warhorse.

    Butch Harner paring Asking 175 shipped conus via paypal. Thanks Sam
  6. Cheeks1989

    SOLD Marko AEB-L 175mm S grind gyuto with koa,mokume handle

    For sale is a Marko AEB-L 175mm S grind gyuto with koa,mokume handle. There is lite scratches on the blade from sharpening that you can see in the picture. And a hair line crack in the handle that came from Marko himself (he assured me that it would not be a issue and it hasn't been). The saya...
  7. Cheeks1989

    WTS Tansu 242mm Gyuto

    Hi I would like to sell my ~242mm gyuto the height is about 49mm. Steel 52100, 62-63hrc Comes with a generic saya i had from another knife. Asking 450 shipped conus via paypal Thanks Sam
  8. Cheeks1989

    One of the most important things for a chef.

    For those hot summer days.
  9. Cheeks1989


    Looking for YU KUROSAKI R2/SG2 sujihiki or gyuto. Thanks Sam
  10. Cheeks1989

    Masamoto ks 210 usuba

    The title says it looking for a masamoto ks usuba in 210. Thanks Sam
  11. Cheeks1989

    Milt Sparks VM-2, VM II, 5" 1911 Like New

    For sale is a like new Milt Sparks VM-2, right hand, black cowhide, 1.5" belt loops. I bought it for my Nighthawk 1911 wore it around the house once then never used it again. Full disclosure this will not ship in the milt sparks plastic clear bag (cant find it). Asking 100 Shipped conus...
  12. Cheeks1989

    WTS/WTT Smith Wesson Performance center 1911

    I have a gently used Smith Wesson Performance Center 1911 with less then 200 rounds shot from it. ASKING 1100 SHIPPED TRADES for glocks watches other firearms ammo. I am open to anything really I have a lot of hobbies. SKU: 170344 Model: PERFORMANCE CENTER® Model SW1911...
  13. Cheeks1989

    Damasko DA37 FSOT

    I have a gently used Damasko Da37 that im looking to sell or trade. ASKING 850 SHIPPED CONUS TRADES guns ammo holsters other watches knives I have a lot of hobbies can add cash if needed. Technical Specifications - Model DA37 Movement: -ETA 2836-2, self-winding, mechanical movement -25...
  14. Cheeks1989

    Hinoura Tsukasa River Jump Nakiri 165

    Catch and release it has never been used. I bought this on impulse (great price)but I have no use for a nakiri. I just won't use it in my kit. Here is the link Steel: Shirogami (White...
  15. Cheeks1989

    Hinderer Fieldtac 5.5 Not a kitchen knife :P

    New has been stored in the sheath has never cut anything. Full disclosure I dont have the original box it will come in a generic knife box. Specs Blade Length: 5.5in Blade Thickness: .227 in Cutting Edge Length: 4 5/8 in Overall Length: 11 in Blade Steel: S35VN Standard Finish: Tumbled...
  16. Cheeks1989

    Gengetsu 240mm Stainless clad White #2 Or Trade

    I am putting up for sale or trade a rather rare knife. I purchased this knife a year ago used and it had some sharpening marks on the side so I sent it to my friend Cris Anderson to clean it up. I now have too many knives at 240 for my own good. Before I can fall in love with it I would rather...
  17. Cheeks1989

    Honyaki gyuto or sujihiki

    I am looking to pick up another honyaki blade. I'm interested in gyuto or a sujihiki. Some of the makers on my wish list. Konosuke Masamoto Ittetsu Watanabe Just to name a few. Thanks Sam
  18. Cheeks1989

    Gavko flipper

    I just bought this gavko flipper on a whim to see what it was like. I'm just not really a flipper guy. Here is a link to the knife. I'm asking 650 shipped. Sam
  19. Cheeks1989

    Konosuke Fujiyama White 2 195mm Mioroshi Deba

    I have for sale a brand new Konosuke Fujiyama White 2 195mm Mioroshi Deba with saya and ebony handle. I dont want to sell it but im trying to create some money to fund another knife. Im having problems posting pictures atm please pm me with your email if you would like to see pictures...
  20. Cheeks1989

    Marfione sigil Custom

    Need to sell this amazing custom from Marifone and Munroe. Also comes with a bit to tighten the pivot. LNIB never cut with it just flipped it. asking 850 shipped Thanks Sam